5G Internet will Change the World through Connectivity

The world of 5G connectivity is almost upon us and Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg says it’s going to change everything.
Trevor English

The keynote address at the 2019 Consumer Electronics show kicked off with a bang last night as the CEO of Verizon discussed the key drivers of Industry 4.0 or the fourth industrial revolution.

So what is the key technology that CEO Hans Vestberg believes will be key to ushering in a new technological age? 5G.

For those of you outside or unfamiliar with the technology ecosystem, 5G may just seem like a simple step up from our 4G LTE networks, but that’s only a sliver of the truth. In fact, Vestberg seems to insist that there are 8 key areas of technology that 5G technology is going to release.

Let’s take a look at those areas and see how 5G will release high connectivity and change the technological landscape.

Vestberg believes the first area that 5G will influence is Speed and Throughput. That means peak data rates are going to rise up to 10 Gbps and mobile data volumes to 10 terabytes per kilometer. This means that anywhere will cell and data service will be more accessible to the world unlike what we’ve ever seen before.

Next, Mobility, Connected Devices, and the Internet of Things. Vestberg forecasts that 5G will allow devices traveling at up to 500 km/hr to stay connected to a network.

This is unfortunately still too slow for all commercial air travel, but it does increase use cases for wireless connectivity.

5G is also expected to allow for up to 1 million devices functioning at full capability in 1 square kilometer.

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Energy, Efficiency, and Service Deployment are the next key areas that will be changed by 5G, allowing for devices to consume a staggering 90% less energy in data operations compared to 4G networks.

Higher efficiency, lower energy, and 5G will also mean that services will take much less time to implement.


Finally, the last 2 of Vestberg’s impacted areas are latency and reliability. He forecasts there will be a 5ms end-to-end travel time. For reference, that’s faster than the blink of an eye and it will likely be 99.999% more reliable as well.

For users on all end of the data spectrum, this means good things for the world of tech. These deliverables and changes to the technology industry rely heavily on

Verizon and other tech providers to update their fiber systems, network density, and real estate availability.

5G is for more than your phone, it’s for connecting the entire world to faster better internet and it looks to be here soon.

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