6 Feet of Ice Dropped on Guadalajara, Mexico in Freaky Summer Hailstorm

Despite summer temperatures of 30°C, Guadalajara was covered in ice on Sunday.
Chris Young

Bizarrely, vehicles traveling down Guadalajara's streets and roads this Sunday, June 30, looked more like icebreakers crossing the seas around the Antarctic.

This, despite the fact that the city has been experiencing a summer of 30 C heat.

A freakish hailstorm damaged cars and properties, though there were no immediate reports of injuries.


Hail more than a meter high

After the storm, state governor Enrique Alfaro tweeted about what he had witnessed in Guadalajara, suggesting that climate change was a cause for the unexpected storm:

"I was at the location to assess the situation and saw scenes I had never seen: hail more than a meter high, and then we wonder if climate change exists," he tweeted in Spanish.

No reported injuries

Though there are no reported injuries as a result of physical impacts from the hailstorm, up to 10 people have been treated for symptoms of hypothermia, NPR reports.

Jeff Berardelli, a meteorologist for CBS News, analyzed the confusing conditions of the storm:

"To a meteorologist the evidence of why this was such a powerful storm can be seen in this satellite cloud loop," he said.

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"The storm is feeding off warm, moist air to its north of which it has a seemingly endless supply partly because it's the only thunderstorm cluster around so it can hog all the energy, it doesn't have to share with other storm activity," he continued.

The hail is likely to melt quickly as, despite the freakish hailstorm that saw 6 feet of ice land on the city, hot summer conditions continue in Guadalajara.

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