6-Year-Old Becomes the Youngest AI Programmer to Beat COVID-19 Boredom

The young man has been granted a programming Guinness World Record.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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A six-year-old called Kautilya Katariya of Northampton, U.K., was recently granted a programming Guinness World Record for being the youngest Python programmer, reported an IBM blog.

According to the blog, Katariya began studying IBM course materials to understand computer programming and concepts of coding languages like Python in order to do something useful during COVID-19. By November 2020, he had completed five different courses in Python and IBM including ‘Foundations of AI’, ‘Python for Data Science’, and a course from the IBM cognitive class. 

If that sounds impressive it's because it is.

Analytics India Mag interviewed the young boy to find out what got him interested in programming in the first place. Katariya explained that he noticed that "everything pointed (...) that cool things are either run by a computer programmer or made using programming."

Katriya also added that his parents helped him in his path to becoming the world's youngest programmer by providing books and educational resources on programming and artificial intelligence. When he had used up all these sources, they gave him a laptop and an internet connection so he could further pursue his studies.

Katariya also had a special message for young people everywhere interested in programming: "I think computer programming is really fun and is similar to solving puzzles. If we think that we are just trying to solve puzzles, coding won’t feel that difficult and you may start enjoying it.  "

In the future, Katariya hopes to learn and work in the cognitive computing field. 

Katariya's parents were also interviewed by Analytics India Mag and had some good advice for parents everywhere. They suggested that parents consider coding as another mental exercise to develop logical thinking and problem-solving capabilities instead of viewing it as an additional subject to teach them. 

If you are interested in programming, read our article on the best way to learn how to code.


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