66,000 Cups Used to Make an Amazing Mural

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cups2[Image Source: Serge Belo YouTube]

Artist Serge Belo wanted to raise awareness about the global clean water crisis, but the way he decided to do it will astound you. The image you'll see in the video was created with 66,000 cups of colored rainwater, each positioned in such a way to create an astonishing and realistic picture.

cups3[Image Source: Serge Belo YouTube]

As the video begins, it shows all kinds of people filling up cups with rainwater and adding coloring. As they place the red, orange and yellow-colored water into cups, you start to wonder why they are doing it. Are they having a massive party that's going to serve cups of Kool-Aid or are they working together to form some kind of mosiac? As the video progresses, it kind of drives you nuts, as you still have no idea what purpose the cups have.

Check it out:

By the time you reached the end of the video, did you guess correctly what the cups would represent? Isn't it mind-blowing how realistic the rainwater painting looked?

The differing shades of colored rainwater simulate the different levels of impurities found in water all over the planet. This work represents "a fetus in the maternal womb and emphasizes the necessity of water, even before birth, for each living person." -Serge Belo YouTube Channel

When we think of a global water crisis, very few us even consider the reality that we all start out as fetuses inside a liquid-filled cradle. All of us literally come from water. Belo has done an amazing job at highlighting this reality.

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A quick look at Serge Belo's website reveals that he paints in a highly patterned style, with many different materials being used as the highlights and dark areas. He's obviously been doing this type of patterned artwork for a while. It's still amazing how artists can depict realistic images with differing shades of color, and in this case, with different shades of colored water!

66000[Image Source: Serge Belo YouTube]

What It Required:

66,000 compostable/biodegradable cups
15,000 liters of colored rainwater
1 kg of vegetable dye
100+ volunteers
62 hours of work
end to end the 66,000 cups would measure 5.2 km long

If you can't view the video, or don't want to, I'm giving away the surprise below:

CUP MURAL[Image Source: Serge Belo YouTube]

Yes, that's what picture the 66,000 cups made. It's unbelievable, isn't it?

Leah Stephens writes under the pseudonym, Stellabelle. She is an artist/researcher who writes books and you can connect with her here. 

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