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Motorcycle riding is one of life’s premiere excitements. But part of the thrill comes from the potential for danger. Wearing a helmet while riding is so important that there are those people -- most of whom are riders themselves -- who would like to see mandatory motorcycle helmet laws put in place. Politics and legalities aside, the bottom line is that your helmet is the most important piece of your outfit.

atr-1-0[Image Source: 6D]

But motorcycle helmet designs have suffered from a certain lack of efficiency. Ironically, their problem has been sufficiently protecting riders who get into low-impact accidents.

Today’s usual motorcycle helmet a helmet consists of an EPS foam liner and a hard outer shell. The foam liner is a “hard foam” in order to protect the rider against harm in a high-speed impact. But at lower-speeds, the hardness of the foam allows a lot of the impact energy to pass through and reach the wearer’s head. Multi-density foam has been designed and used to remedy this, but its effects are only minor.

And so the 6D company has made the ATR-1 motorcycle helmet. While it is designed in the usual way in most aspects, it includes a second layer of foam which nests beneath the outer layer, thereby cradling the wearer’s skull. In addition an array of elastomer dampers is placed between those two layers of foam, thus enabling the protective layer to be squishy and stretchable.

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This added elasticity allows the ATR-1 to absorb most of the energy from low-impact as well as high-impact collisions, giving riders unprecedented protection.


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