7 coffee tables for small spaces to maximize style and functionality

Small space. Big impact.
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Best coffee tables for small spaces

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Coffee tables are the focal point of a living room and can make or break your decor style. Selecting the wrong choice, both in proportion and style, can be an unwanted mishap that affects the overall look of your living room. The accuracy of choice gets more difficult if you choose a coffee table for a small space; specific pointers must be adhered to before zeroing down on the right choice.

Regarding small spaces, coffee tables are essential furniture that can quickly attract the on-lookers with their design. Also, if they have storage space, that's an additional advantage you'd not want to miss out on. 

That being said, let's look at some factors to consider when choosing the right coffee table for a small space.

Coffee table buying guide - What to look for?

Five main factors to consider in the given order below to avoid selecting the wrong coffee table.

1. Shape

To determine which coffee table to buy, you must first know the shape that'd go down well with the living room. Since we're discussing coffee tables for small spaces, opting for an oval or round coffee table instead of the traditional rectangular ones is prudent. The reason is that the latter would take up more space horizontally, making the room appear crowded and congested. 

Hence, when it comes to small spaces, a round or an oval table is the better choice to opt for.

2. Proportions

Next up is proportions, or put, how spacious your living room looks once a coffee table has been added to it. To ensure perfect balance, it's essential to consider two points:

1) Distance between the sofa and the coffee table

Make sure to keep at least a distance of 18 to 20 inches between a coffee table. This is the ideal dimension since it allows enough space for foot traffic, and you can grab snacks or magazines without leaning too much while sitting on the sofa.

2) Distance between the TV and the coffee table

Assuming your coffee table is kept opposite your media center, it's essential to have an appropriate distance of about 30 to 35 inches. This will ensure you have enough space to walk around in the living room and wouldn't look overly congested.

3. Size and width

In terms of size, make sure the height of the coffee table isn't too big to interrupt your TV viewing experience. Ideally, rectangular coffee tables should be about an inch or two lower than the sofa and two-thirds of it in width. These dimensions would ensure you have enough space and the ease of grabbing stuff off the table.

4. Storage space

For large living rooms, storage space might be an extra factor that's not that important, but in a small living room, anything that offers storage space is welcome because it helps massively organize. Hence, when looking for coffee tables for small spaces, opt for one that allows you to keep magazines, books, and other accessories in place.

5. Style 

There are many coffee table styles available on the market; hence, this factor is a matter of personal choice. You can opt for a style that gels well with your home decor style.

7 Finest coffee tables for small spaces

Now that we've established the ground rules let's glance at some of the best coffee tables for small living rooms across various price points.

1. FABTO Round Lift Top Coffee Table

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 8.58.33 AM.png
FABTO Round Lift Top Coffee Table

This 2-tier coffee table offers functionality both in terms of storage space and elegant farmhouse design that accents your home decor well. Also, given the fact that it's round shaped, it's a space-saver ensuring enough distance between itself and your TV media center.

We recommend this coffee table because it satisfies the need for storage space. The rustic brown design also gives it a premium look that belies its price. The compartments are spacious, too, so you can store some accessories you usually need at your fingertips. Also, this circular coffee table is a cinch to assemble.

2. Round Coffee Table With Marble Base

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 8.59.00 AM.png
Round Coffee Table Marble

This round coffee table can match any home decor and add that touch of luxury you've been looking for. Its stylish design is bound to get you all the praise and attraction you expecting while buying it. Now, there are two drawbacks: This is more of a side coffee table rather than a centerpiece and it also doesn't offer any storage space. However, it can be used as an end table, side table, telephone table, and a night stand. That's enough to know why you should buy it.

If you want to splash the cash to give your small living room a more elegant touch and improve its aesthetics, trust this round marble coffee table to get the job done! With its marble base and spiraling metal edges, it just adds the luxury you're looking for. Also, the edges are correctly rounded to ensure you don't get hurt while being or walking around it. 

3. VERAMY Nesting Table

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 9.14.08 AM.png
VERAMY Nesting Table

The VERAMY Nesting Table definitely asks a hefty amount of you, but also delivers quality worth that cash. For starters, it does look premium and offers a plethora of storage space, which is more than welcome for a small space. Make sure you measure the proportions properly to confirm it'll fit well within your living room without making it look overcrowded.

The nested VERAMY coffee table has a deluxe design and ample storage space. It's costly, but it also adds much-needed grandeur to your living room. Furthermore, this table is easy to clean and, like the previous one we saw, can be used for multiple purposes. 

Its rectangular shape is not a recommended size for small spaces. Still, it can be a good fit if you've measured the possible proportions and the estimate of spaciousness you'd get with the coffee table in your living room.

4. Papella Walnut Veneer Coffee Table

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 9.14.21 AM.png
Papella Walnut Veneer Coffee Table

The Papella Walnut Veneer Coffee Table has the word 'unique' written all over it, thanks to its rather uncommon design. The glass top and rustic finish further make it look even more desirable and a treat to the eyes. You're definitely getting a conversation starter should you opt for this piece of furniture.

Exclusivity and uniqueness contribute massively to luxury, and this veneer coffee table fits that definition perfectly. For starters, it does have a unique design you won't find in more than most of the living rooms. 

You have added that the rustic finish with a glass tabletop, which looks bulky and overcrowded, completes its overall grand appearance. The absence of extra storage space is perhaps the only drawback. Still, that might not even be the point to considerably influence your decision if you're solely looking for a centerpiece to amplify your home decor.

5. Square Coffee Table

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 11.02.10 AM.png
Square Coffee Table

The Square Coffee Table is available in three styles, and we'd recommend going for the slimmest one since that's the ideal fit for small rooms. Overall, it's got a safe structure and is applicable in multiple scenarios while also being an easy-to-maintain piece of furniture.

Square coffee tables aren't usually a good choice for small spaces because they can look bulky and overcrowded. The minimalist design principle for small spaces is lost when you bring in a sturdy coffee table for a small living room. However, the one we suggest here has a modern style and doesn't have that quintessential sturdy design. Its slim legs give it all the minimalist appearance, and that's solely the reason why this table makes it to this list.

6. ASLASL Nesting Coffee Table

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 11.52.24 AM.png
ALSL Nesting Coffee Table

The ALSL Nesting Coffee Table has all the makings of a luxury furniture piece that augments the overall decor of your living room. It combines two shapes - oval and round - to form a masterpiece of Scandinavian craftsmanship. Coupled with a creative design, it's also easy to assemble.

In terms of design, this walnut-colored coffee table does break the dullness of space. It has a beautiful construction that resembles a deer and is also functional in terms of storage space. The tabletop, exceptionally, is crafted with elegance, and you can't ask more of it compared to the price point at which it's available. Also, this table is easy to assemble, and there's no doubt your guests will start raving when they see it.

7. Welland Natural Coffee Table

Screenshot 2023-07-14 at 11.02.33 AM.png
Welland Natural Coffee Table

Bring home nature with this flower-shaped coffee table. It's a pretty design and minimalist in shape and size, so a perfect choice for a living room coffee table. However, the tabletop space isn't much to hold items, and this also isn't the quintessential round or oval table that you'd place in the middle of the living room. It's more of a side coffee table, but worth including in this list for its unique shape and design.

Nature lovers and environmentalists gather around. This flower-shaped coffee table is an acceptable way to accent your living room decor with your passion. It has a mid-century, stylish appeal, with the splices and edges combined to form a unique petal shape. The lacquer finish makes it closer to nature, while the hairpin legs add to the minimalist design. 

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