7 Festive Ways Tesla Fans Celebrate the Holiday Season

These die-hard Tesla-fans gave Christmas classics a twist and it is a very cyber Christmas indeed.
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Christmas time is here and people all around the world are coming together in joy and spirit. Celebrating Christmas with the ones you love and with the things you love is the most important part of the holidays. 

It seems that Tesla fans are doing just that. From Tesla ornaments to Tesla cookies, they seem to have incorporated the much-loved company into their Christmas spirit and Christmas has never been more sustainable indeed. 


While some are wishing for a white Christmas, some are adorning their Tesla's with all things Christmas related. Admittedly, Tesla Model 3 is too big of a present for Santa to squeeze down the chimney but you can still dream.

We've gathered 7 Christmas classics done with a funny twist by the Tesla community that will make you laugh and warm your heart at the same time.

 1. The Tesla cookie

Christmas cookies are a classic, however, we hope that Santa likes Tesla next to his milk as much as you do or you might be in for a surprise the next day.

 2. Tesla tree delivery

Thinking about Tesla’s glass roof getting scratches from all those pins and needles might give you a heart attack but truly, there is nothing your Tesla can’t do.

However, we still recommend artificial trees, especially if you are using your car for sustainability purposes. It would be an epic fail to drive around the town with a chopped down tree while preaching for electric cars and saving the world. 

3. The Tesla statement-door 

Not only this design is adorable, but it also enables your visitors to embellish themselves in Tesla's history with a dash of kittens thrown in. It sets the tone right before they come to your office.   

A very cyber Christmas, indeed.

4. One-Tesla orchestra

Don’t let your dreams be dreams. If a Tesla Model X can reenact "The Nutcracker" perfectly with light plays and dance with its doors opening and closing, so can you.    

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5. Tesla shrine of prayers

We don’t know if their prayers will be answered, but we wish the best for the family member applying to Tesla. We can only hope that this “Elon” fulfills their wishes and the $15 dollars spent on the shrine don’t go to waste.

6. Tesla Model 3 ornament 

This little Tesla ornament carries the "pine-scented car air freshener" thing to the next level and we are here for it.

7. Tesla gives back

Christmas is a time of giving. And true to the Christmas spirit, these Tesla owners decided to do something quite sweet and give back to children in need. They did that all the while showing off how much space Tesla’s fruck (front truck) has, of course.

This is not only heart-warming, but it also reminds you that corporations are nothing without the community that stands beside them.

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