7+ Great Math-Related YouTube Channels for Math Maniacs

Math is not everyone's favorite subject, but there are many channels out there that will keep you interested and have you loving it in no time.
Christopher McFadden

If you love and enjoy mathematics, here are 7+ great YouTube channels for your consideration. While we have highlighted a select few channels here, there are many more great ones out there.

Who is the best maths teacher on YouTube?

YouTube has many great math teachers on their platform. But, according to sites like educatorstechnology.com, here are some of the creme de la creme:

  • Math TV
  • Khan Academy
  • Numberphile
  • Techmath
  • PatrickJMT
  • ProfRobBob
  • Mathantics
  • Professor Leonard


Who is the best physics teacher on YouTube?

We have previously produced an entire article dedicated to this, but if Physics is more your bag you might want to check any of the following (courtesy of blog.feedspot.com):

  • CrashCourse
  • VSauce
  • Veritasium
  • Professor Dave Explains
  • TED Talks
  • minutephysics
  • Physics Girl
  • Have Fun Teaching

How can I be a good math teacher?

Let's face it; not everyone likes math. That's why, as a math teacher, it is your job to try to make it as fun and engaging as possible. 

Math is, after all, a vital skill that young-learners should get at least a basic grasp of, to help them out in their adult lives. That's where a great math teacher is worth their weight in gold. 

"A good math teacher can help students who have traditionally struggled with arithmetic begin to build confidence in their skills. For students who are usually bored with numbers, a good math teacher can breathe new life into the subject. A good math teacher makes her class a place where students want to be!" - chron.com.

Great teachers in math, or any subject for that matter, should aim to acquire at least some of the following (thanks to chron.com): 

1. Have a good grasp of the topic at hand - For obvious reasons.

2. Learn and use good teaching strategies - You will learn this through trial and error, but there are some good guides on the Internet.

3. Be personable and approachable - A great teacher will really want to help students be their best. They will foster a desire to learn rather than run a tight ship. 

4. They will lead, not dictate - No one likes to be ordered around so lead your students rather than dictate.

5. Show care and concern - Great teachers understand that teachers teach students not subjects. You need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your students and tailor your approach to them accordingly. 

What is the best math YouTube channel?

Here are some of, if not the, best 7 YouTube math-related channels on YouTube. 

1. The YouTube Teachers channel is helpful for younger math learners

YouTube Teachers is a great YouTube channel for anyone who loves or wants to learn more, about things like math. The channel has a fine collection of thousands of videos that focus on particular aspects of math (and other subjects).

The channel was created by a series of experienced teachers and educators whose mission is to help others learn in a fun and engaging style. Videos include things like basic numerical skills, cardinality, counting, geometry, and quadrant graphing. 

A lot of the content is aimed at middle school students, but many topics are great for revision for older viewers. High school students can also benefit from their various clips on algebra, polynomial functions, and creating equations.

2. Khan Academy is one of the best

The Khan Academy is one of the biggest and best YouTube channels for learning about pretty much anything. Their catalog of thousands of videos on different subjects, including math, is a great resource for anyone interested in learning or revisiting a subject. 

The academy was founded by Salman Khan in 2006 and has since grown into a very popular digital learning platform. 

Khan Academy lives by: "providing high-quality education for everyone and anyone,” and they certainly deliver. You are in good hands with the Khan Academy, so go and check them out pronto. 

3. TED-Ed is a great resource

TED-Ed is another great resource for anyone who wants to learn about things like math. They have an enormous library of short and very interesting videos that focus on various aspects of mathematics (as well as other subjects).

TEd-Ed is hands down, one of the best educational resources on YouTube and has amassed many millions of views over the years.

For math-related content, TED-Ed has a dedicated sub-channel called "Math in Real Life." This channel has various informative videos on several math problems.

Some of the best videos include "how to organize, Add and Multiply Matrices by Bill Shilito, Scalars and Vectors by Michelle Buchanan, Estimating Enormous Numbers by Michael Mitchell, Proving a Mathematical Theory by Scott Kennedy, Algorithms by Kevin Slavin, and Fractals by Benoit Mandelbrot," according to examinedexistence.com

4. Patrick JMT Free Math Videos is all about math

Patrick JMT’s Free Math Videos is another great free math-related YouTube learning resource. It is also one of the most popular on the platform. 

Hosted by Patrick JMT, the channel is a community of college mathematics educators who love nothing more than sharing their knowledge with others. The channel has several handy playlists that focus on various subjects such as:

  • Inverse trigonometric functions
  • Derivatives
  • Optimization problems
  • Integrals and anti-derivatives
  • Linear equations
  • Linear inequalities
  • Exponents
  • Polynomials
  • Quadratic equations
  • Quadratic inequalities
  • Rational inequalities
  • Logarithms
  • Functions

5. Numberphile - all in the name

Numberphile is yet another great YouTube channel for anyone who adores mathematics. The channel was created by Brady Haran who is backed up by a legion of fellow math-maniacs.

This YouTube channel is focussed on making learning mathematics fun and more interesting. Their content is filled with colorful, well-produced, and edited graphic videos that will keep you engaged while learning something new. 

Topics vary but include things like Pi, prime numbers, Graham’s number, even games like Rubik’s Cube, and Yahtzee. The presentation style of this channel will certainly help you learn about many math-concepts with ease.

What's more, it's all completely free — except for your time, of course.

6. Video Math Tutor is brilliant

Video Math Tutor is another awesome math-related YouTube channel for maths lovers. This channel is a gold mine for useful math tutorials that cover many aspects of mathematics. 

It has a comprehensive catalog of videos on topics like inequalities and equalities, operations and properties of numbers, multiples and divisibility, to name a few. The channel has some specialist sub-channels, like their algebra channel, that goes into more depth about more complex concepts. 

"The channel also features video flashcards, calculator tips, tips for teachers, as well as tips for students that can help them pass exams with flying colors," examinedexistence.com claims.

7. Mathademics is your free online math tutor

Mathademics is another great YouTube math-related channel. This channel is dedicated to helping struggling math-students get to grips with the subject at hand. 

This free online math tutor will save you your sanity and time by guiding you through various math topics. The channel was founded in 2010 and has several playlists covering different maths concepts. 

These include, but are not limited to, fractions and decimals, algebra and functions, data analysis and probability, geometry, measurement and conversion, and arithmetic. 

It also has a problem solver section that deals with logical reasoning, logic puzzles and money problems, among many others. 

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