7 Incredible Art Installation Designs Made Up of Old Machine Parts

Check out these amazing artists who turn junk metal parts into beautiful works of art.
Christopher McFadden

If you have a lot of old car parts lying around, or any old machinery for that matter, why not considering reusing them as art pieces? That's exactly what these 7 amazing junk metal artists do on a daily basis. 


What are some examples of car part art?

As you will soon find out, there are many artists around the world who turn old mechanical parts, including car bits, into awesome works of art. But you can have a go at it at home.

According to sites like sotra.com, here are some great ideas for turning old car parts into awesome home decor. 

- Make a bed frame from an old car.

- Make some tables from old tires and hubcaps.

- Hang some car parts on your wall (clean up and polish obviously).

- Make a hammock from an old VW Beetle shell.

How can you upcycle old machine parts?

We have already mentioned some ideas above, but you can get a lot of great inspiration from sites like Pinterest. You can also check the myriad of other sites on the net with ideas for upcycling old car parts.

That being said, here are great examples: -

- Make fire pit from old wheel rims.

- Turn an old car into a BBQ.

- Make a seat belt buckle keychain.

- Use an old car spring as a mail organizer, or toastrack.

- Turn an old wheel rim as a hose reel.

7 incredible art installations made from old machine parts

Here are some great examples of art installations made from machine parts. Perhaps you can use them as inspiration to create your very own? 

1. This chap makes interesting art pieces out of old-time pieces

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A post shared by Dan Tanenbaum (@watchpartsmotorcycles) on

Designed and built by Dan Tanenbaum, this incredible "Teddy Bear" is made entirely from old watch, and clock, parts. Dan is a Toronto-based artist who loves to make miniatures, including motorcycles, out of reclaimed bits and pieces. 

2. This artist loves to make art from old hub caps

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Here’s the other one - twoo #hubcapcreatures #owl #clashofthetitans

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Ptolemy Elrington is another artist who loves nothing more than making pieces of art from old bits of machines. The main focus of his work is hub caps, but he is not averse to using other mechanical bits and pieces as needed. 

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This owl is truly stunning - - we think you'll agree. He has also made many different creatures from hub caps including horses, fish and many more. 

3. This artist turns old tires into beautiful works of art

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Opening my show at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts in one week. Here’s a little teaser already @fineartsbelgium

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Belgian artist Wim Delvoye is yet another artist who repurposes old machine parts for the sake of art. Unlike others listed here, Wim prefers to use old tires to create his incredible work. 

He tries to maintain the basic integrity of the tire when completing his works and the results are truly outstanding. Who would have thought something so mundane could become something else so beautiful. 

4. This artist turns old hard drives into awesome models

Miguel Rivera is yet another artist who turns old parts into fantastic works of art. This chap uses old hard drives as his sculpting materials and the results are absolutely amazing.

From cars to motorbikes to robots, his creations need to be seen to be believed. 

"The overall concept was to make something out of just hard drive parts and pieces," Rivera told Wired in an interview. "I wanted it to look solid and heavy so I leaned towards just using metal – no plastic or gluing things together." 

5. This artist makes cool sculptures from old parts 

Tomas Vitanovsky, a self-declared "Metal Artist", turns old parts into amazing sculptures. From the iconic Xenomorph from Alien to horses or scorpions, he recycles trash-metal into eye candy. 

You've probably seen many other variations of the same theme in your time, but Tomas' work takes it to the next level. Do yourself a favor and check out his work immediately!

You will not be disappointed.

6. James Corbett is a great car part artist

old parts art dog
Source: jamescorbettart.com

James Corbett is yet another artist who turns old machine parts into beautiful works of art. James, a former car wrecker, decided to switch gears and create rather than destroy in 1998. 

"One rainy Saturday afternoon back then in 1998, he decided to bring to fruition some thoughts that had been in the back of his mind for some time and began welding together some parts.

He liked the result, as did many others who saw that first sculpture on the counter of the shop" - James Corbett Art.

7. This artist makes giant cow sculptures from old cars

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Nyt on nyt

A post shared by Miina Akkijyrkka (@miina.akkijyrkka) on

Miina Akkijyrkka is an eccentric Finnish artist who loves to turn old cars into enormous cow sculptures, amongst other things. But she also raises and keeps real cattle too

Her work is very unique, not to mention an interesting way to recycle old cars.  

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