7 of The Most Ingenious and Hilarious Parking Ideas

Need a little inspiration or help with your parking skills? These incredible parking videos will teach you a trick or two.
Fabienne Lang

Parking can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare. Gauging whether or not your vehicle will fit into a particular space, worried about blocking traffic as you parallel park on the side of the road - it's not always an easy task. 

When you're learning to drive and taking lessons, it's not always as tricky as in 'real' life. With no one in the car to guide you or help you reverse into a tight parking spot, you sometimes fail to park. Sometimes even earning you a bump or two on your bumper. 


Fear not, though, as there are other ways!

Here are seven intriguing, impressive, and ingenious parking ideas that'll have you wondering why you've never thought of these yourself. 

1. The extra wheel at the back of the car takes on a whole new meaning with this move

You won't see this one coming. The jeep's back wheel casually pops down and assists the driver in moving the car sideways, making this the easiest parallel parking you've ever encountered.

It's not such a new idea though...

2. Who knew playing with your electric toy cars as a kid would come in handy as an adult?

In order to park, the woman jumps out of her swanky car and remote controls it into fitting into the tight space. The wheels move in 90-degree turns as well.

3. How about making use of the wall?

If you think your big car can't fit into a small underground parking space, think again. This man literally uses the wall to edge his car sideways into the parking spot.

4. Not everyone's quite figured out the whole parking thing

To make you feel like you're not the only one who struggles with parking lots, enjoy this piece of entertainment. The driver seriously struggles to get out of the lot.

5. Some even made it into the Guinness World Records for tightest parallel parking reverse!

Going at full speed and screeching into a space tightly tucked between two other mini coopers, this driver earns his place in the Guinness World Records.

6. Here's the newer model of the Mini Cooper in parking action

Now watch as the newer model of the Mini Cooper is put into tight parallel parking action, it's more of a swerving into place than parking.

7. Could you park a car on a railing?

Maybe this car's owner should also join the Guinness World Records, this time for the most inventive parking spot--but also for incredible balancing skills.

Now that you've had a look at some of the options out there, it's time to put your skills to the test. Will it be the remote-controlled car or the extra wheel?

Which method would you like to try?

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