7 of the world’s most extravagant holiday ideas

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If you are considering getting away from it all this winter and you have a pocket full, or rather a bank full, of money then you might want to consider these top 7 extravagant holiday ideas.

Hire the RV Pegaso for £441,000


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If heading out on a boat is your cup of tea you might want to go to the extreme and hire the 242ft yacht that goes by the name of the RV Pegaso. This luxury yacht comes with its very own submarine, a recompression chamber, 32ft waterslide, outdoor gym, Jacuzzi and its own heliport so you can land your private helicopter. There is room for 12 friends and the penthouse suite has its own lift and is decorated in oak and walnut panels.

See wildlife in Africa on the ultimate safari for £52,000 for 7 nights


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Ever wanted to get out into the wilderness of Africa but don’t want to leave behind every luxury imaginable? Well you get the best of both worlds at the Singita Serengeti House in north Tanzania. The house is rented out on an exclusive use only basis and there is room for eight people in four luxurious suites. The house is surrounded by 350,000 acres of bush land that is home to wildebeest, elephants and rhino.

Your own tropical private island paradise for £300,000 a week


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You and up to 49 of your family and friends can enjoy Calivigny Island off the coast of Grenada. Alternatively you could just go for the main house, with room for 20 people. The main house is decorated beautifully with Persian rugs, Egyptian cotton bedding and marble bathrooms and is home to six white sand beaches and numerous water sports. You can rent it for one week for £300,000.

Austrian Alps bullet proof chalet for £230,000


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The Chalet N happens to be the most expensive rental chalet overlooking the slopes of Oberlech close to Lech in the Austrian Alps. The windows of the chalet are said to be bullet proof, you eat with titanium cutlery, enjoy a spa that is larger than a tennis court, sleep on pillows that are embroidered with your own initials and take a dip in a swimming pool with underwater music. Guests also have access to skis that have been designed and made by Porsche. Seven nights in the chalet will cost you £231, 088.

Enjoy a stay in the most luxurious bed and breakfast for £2.2 million


The tour of the Maharaja palaces in India, called the King of the Castle tour, includes staying in three different hotels over three nights. You can choose up to 120 friends and family to go with you or you can go alone, however it will still cost you £2, 160,000. For this you get breakfast, you have to pay extra for private jet travel between the locations and everything else. You start at Udaipur at the Lake Palace, move onto Jodhpur and the Umaid Bhawan Palace and the final stop is Rambagh Palace in its 50 acres of gardens.

Tour to Australia in a private Jet for $590,000

With the Gulfstream V/550, business truly knows no bounds. This

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Have you ever wanted to fly in a private jet over twenty days? Well now you can, if you have plenty of money to spend. You can fly to Australia by private jet with up to 30 family members or friends. The trip starts at the closest airport to your home and finishes in Sydney, but you can stop where you like on the way there. The 20 day Ancient Worlds Explorer trip will cost you £589, 878.

Stay at an eco-millionaires retreat for a cool £1.1 million


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Fiji is a wonderful part of the world and you can stay on Laucala Island if you want luxury and privacy. There are 25 villas on the island so you can fill them with 60 friends and family members. The island is situated in the South Pacific over six square miles and is all about self-sustainability. You can only reach it via private plane. Livestock are reared on the island, fruit and veg are grown, organic honey is made and mineral water is bottled on Laucala. The villas all have their own private pools and there is a choice out of five restaurants. If you want to hire the whole of the island for one week it will cost you £1, 092,000, but it is all inclusive.

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