7 Pieces of Jewelry Every Engineer Will Love

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Who says engineers can’t be fashionable? Not Erin and Emily, engineering majors at the University of Florida and founders of Sci Chic. Sci Chic is out to show the fashionable side of engineering and science by creating customizable science and engineering inspired jewelry and accessories through 3D printing and laser cutting. They are encouraging science and tech literacy though their designs and pair all of the jewelry with educational resources!

Check out some of our favorites below that will make you want to say, “take my money”!

For the Aerospace Engineer

3D Printed Stainless Steel Trajectory Necklace[Image Source: Trajectory Necklace]

This necklace is inspired by the trajectory of the Apollo 11 mission, showing the path of the rocket around the Earth and to the moon! It is seen here 3D printed in stainless steel, but Sci Chic gives tons of material and size options to let you make it perfect for your style and budget.

For the Electrical Engineer

3D Printed Bronze Steel Circuit Board Necklace[Image Source: Circuit Board Necklace]

Using the patterns on circuit boards as inspiration, this necklace is sure to electrify any outfit! This is the perfect graduation gift for an electrical engineer.

For the Civil Engineer

NECKLACE ENGINEERS[Image Source: Suspension Bridge Ring]

This suspension bridge inspired ring will support you through thick and thin. And don’t worry, they offer multiple sizes to make sure it fits.

For the Mechanical Engineer

circle jewelery[Image Source: Mohr’s Circle Necklace]

You can’t get through a mechanical engineering degree without learning about Mohr’s Circle, a tool for analyzing stress. This necklace turns that old textbook picture into a cool geometric necklace.

gear shaped necklace[Image Source: Gear Necklace]

This gear necklace is a fantastic way to show off your love of mechanical engineering and looks awesome 3D printed in stainless steel and gold steel.

Most Popular

For the Computer Science Engineer

coding jewelery[Image Source: <Strong Necklace>]

Using the HTML tag for putting text in bold, this necklace says both, “I love to code” and “I’m strong and not afraid to show it”!

For the Materials Engineer

atoms molecule necklace[Image Source: Polymer Earrings]

Inspired by the branching nature of dendritic polymers, these earrings are a fantastic way to show off your love of materials. Prefer a necklace? They also offer this same design in necklace form as well.

Have an idea for you own piece inspired by your field? Sci Chic also takes requests and will work with you to create the perfect jewelry for your scientific or engineering field! And don’t worry guys, they will work with you on making anything from bowties to keychains as well!

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