7 Visionary Teachers That Use Creative Ways to Teach

Great teachers are few and far between, but truly visionary ones are worth their weight in gold.
Christopher McFadden

Did you hate school? Perhaps it had nothing to do with subjects being taught, but rather the quality of the teachers you had at hand.

As it turns out, there are many, many fantastic teachers out there. But some of them truly are the creme de la creme. Here we have gathered some of the very best teachers who go the extra mile to educate their pupils in very creative and imaginary ways. 


What are some examples of great visionary teachers?

So, without further ado, here are some visionary teachers who use creative ways to teach their children. With so many great teachers out there, this list cannot be considered exhaustive.

It is also in no particular order.

1. This teacher has a very "explosive" teaching style

Science Teacher Wows Students With Exploding a Pumpkin to Reveal Carving from r/interestingasf**k

This amazing science teacher really does seem to know how to wow his pupils. By combining old traditions with explosive reactions, his class will certainly remember the experience for the rest of their lives.

After carefully preparing a pumpkin, this guy went the extra mile during the pumpkin's reveal. And the experiment appears to have worked perfectly.


He certainly earned his smug grin at the end. Fair play. 

We truly wonder how many times he practiced this at home.

2. Science projects + computer games = Win, win, win, win, win, win X infinity

for my science project, we had to make a 3d model of an animal cell but I couldn't get the materials, my science teacher said I can do it in Minecraft, I've just finished the outer cell wall from r/Minecraft

This pupil was tasked with creating a 3D model of a cell for a science project by their teacher. After explaining that they didn't have access to the materials needed, this amazing teacher had one amazing idea.

Rather than digging in his heels, this teacher thought outside the box. He suggested that the pupil, who clearly admitted he liked Minecraft at some point, could build a model instead. 

Although the pupil has only got as far as building the cell wall in this image, we can guarantee this pupil's final project will be absolutely amazing. 

Way to go teacher. You really seem to understand how to inspire your wards.


3. This might just be the best explanation for gravity, ever

This teacher, Dan Burns, went viral a few years back with his amazing visualization of gravity. As we humans are primarily visual learners, a teacher that can use props to help students understand an esoteric concept is a major plus.

Good ol' Burns stretched some lycra over a circular frame to help simulate space-time. He then plonked a heavy object near the center and began placing marbles on the edge of the circle.

For those who understand the concept of space-time warping around a large mass, the result will not surprise you. bit for those a little hazy on the subject, you will instantly grasp the concept in moments.

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4. Who said the blackboard was dead?

visionary teachers creative teaching
Source: Owura Kwadwo Hottish/Facebook

This amazingly resourceful teacher in Ghana managed to use a humble blackboard to teach his pupils about Microsoft Word. Since the school apparently lacked the funds to actually buy computers, his effort is simply amazing.

Called Richard Appiah Akoto, he teaches communication technology in a school in Ghana. Far from being disheartened he actually managed to recreate an MS Word user interface using nothing other than his talent, chalk and a blackboard.

His story went viral a few years ago and you may well remember seeing something about it. Best of all, this story has a very heartwarming ending.

Upon hearing about Akoto's student's plight, Microsoft actually reached out to help supply hardware and software to the underfunded school.

It appears there is hope for humanity yet. 

5. Combining pop culture with physics will certainly engage your pupils

I love my physics teacher from r/funny

While it can be very cringy at times when teachers attempt to combine "youth culture" into their lessons or tests it can be hit or miss. But this amazing teacher appears to have found the right balance.

In this case, this great physics teacher really helped his students visualize the problem at hand by creating a scenario where Justin Beiber was unceremoniously thrown horizontally. 

For even the most die-hard Bieber groupie, this must-have, at least, mustered a smile before attempting to answer. Inspired, truly inspired.

6. Are you a history teacher? Why not consider some cosplay?

visionary teachers 80 year old
Source: Nerdvid/Facebook

Next up might just be the best physics teacher ever. Despite being well into his eighth decade of life, this teacher still has the energy and enthusiasm of a man well over half his age.

This man really does seem to love his subject to his very core. His lessons, by all accounts, are usually filled with very entertaining demonstrations fo various principles. 

He has a wide variety of props at his disposal from skateboards to pogo sticks or just his own body. His lessons must be the highlight of his pupils' days and weeks.

But, it turns out, the teacher actually used to have his own science TV show back in the day. No wonder he is so entertaining. 

Physics lessons would certainly never be dull affairs with this guy taking the lead. Great work and long live to this physics teacher!

7. A picture really does speak a thousand words

visionary teachers art
Source: 1, 2

And finally, this teacher combined their apparent nascent artistic skills with scientific concepts in a refreshing and visionary way. You may well have seen stories floating around last year about a physics teacher who literally created art out of physics.

Called Yuri Kovalenok, this teacher really is something else. From electromagnetism to the conservation of energy, his work is simply stunning. 

There is no doubt that their students will be able to readily absorb these fairly complex concepts in no time thanks to his work.

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