7+ Ways The Internet Commented on Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla’s "Cybertruck" reveal is here and people of Twitter have a lot to say about it.
Derya Ozdemir
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Elon Musk's brand new stainless steel Cybertruck has been unveiled at Tesla’s design studio and it is, needless to say, quite... eye-catching. Musk was extremely secretive about the truck except the few remarks he made about it and had previously mentioned that it was probably not going to appeal to the masses. And boy, it was a controversial reveal indeed! 


Musk had confirmed at the start of November that the much-awaited tuck would unveil on the 21st. During the long-wait, Tesla fans had come up with some really cool ideas and now, the Cybertruck is finally here for the showdown.

Hours after its reveal on 11 PM ET, it is already trending worldwide at 62.8k tweets and the numbers are climbing rapidly. Some like it and some hate it, and of course, everyone has a lot to say about it.

We gathered the funniest tweets so that you don't have to search for them. 

1. The memes… They are already here.

2. Some are contemplating what Elon was on when he made the design.

3. Some exceptional similarities are mentioned. 

4. This person is claiming he has access to Elon’s childhood possessions.

5. These users have made some interesting arguments.

6. Some are just flat out confused… 

7. And some actually like it!

8. And this user has a pretty valid point…

Pre-orders are open and the production starts in late 2021. With a range of 250-500+ miles, a single-motor RWD model will cost $39,900. Musk stated that he doesn’t care if people buy his “Blade Runner pick-up truck” which does look like a super-futuristic cyberpunk wet dream. 

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