7-Year-Old 'Polices' Speeding Cars with a Scowl after His Cat Was Killed

This little superhero has taken the matters into his own hands after his beloved cat was run over by a speeding driver.
Derya Ozdemir
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This superhero wears an oversized hi-vis jacket and his superpower is his disapproving scowl which he mercilessly directs at those who are overspeeding. Seven-year-old Harry Cannell has taken road safety matters into his hands after his cat was run over by a speeding driver.

It is a John Wick scenario without the vengeance and mafia parts: Harry only wants to raise awareness! He does his job by shooting a stern look at vehicles going too fast on his driveway in Mattishall, Norfolk, England.


Their family cat Trevor was killed by a speeding car

As every superhero story does, Harry's story started with the loss of their family cat Trevor. The beloved cat was run over in June on the 30 mph (48 km/h) narrow road outside their home. 

7-Year-Old 'Polices' Speeding Cars with a Scowl after His Cat Was Killed
Source: Claire Cannell/Facebook

His mother Claire Cannell said, "He was such a wonderful cat. He would come on the school run and wait in the bushes, he was well and truly part of the family." That was when Harry became concerned about speeding and made the chivalrous decision to keep an eye on the traffic on the road. 

Harry is on duty with one scowl at a time

In order to attempt the approaching drivers, his mother bought him a hi-vis vest and a sign saying "SLOW - Children and animals." Now, he stands next to the sign and waves at the cars to remind them of the limit. 

7-Year-Old 'Polices' Speeding Cars with a Scowl after His Cat Was Killed
Source: This Mail/YouTube

"I've stood out in my driveway with a really bright jacket on telling people to stop if there's another car coming the other way," Harry said, reports Daily Mail. "They were listening to me."

7-Year-Old 'Polices' Speeding Cars with a Scowl after His Cat Was Killed
Source: This Mail/YouTube

However, when his keen eyes spot a vehicle speeding, he scowls and shoots the driver a disapproving and disappointed look, which seems to work also.

Local police officers paid him a visit

After his mother posted about his efforts on Facebook, the local police force was taken aback by his chivalrous adventures. Most recently, two Norfolk police officers visited Harry to see him on duty and let him try on one of their jackets. 

Speeding problem persists

However, there is a lot to be done about the speeding problem. According to Claire Cannell, Trevor was the second pet to be killed by a speeding car in the last four years and they've requested the speed limit of their road to be reduced.

Cannell said, "We're 30 at the moment. We've been working with the local police and a solicitor to see if we can get the speed limit reduced down to 20, just to make it a little bit safer."

"People obviously just fly down here," she said. "Being a country lane not everyone obeys the law. We've had lots of animals killed on this road, my concern is how long will it be until a child is injured or worse."


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