9 Best Home Gyms You Can Buy for the Gym Rat In Your Life

Looking for some home gym recommendations for your favorite gym rat? You can't really go wrong with any of these 9, depending on your budget of course.
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Home gym brands like Bowflex, Body-Solid, and Marcy are extremely popular and their equipment provides great ways for gym rats to continue the session in the comfort of their own home. Most machines offer great solutions for working all muscle groups and really skyrocket overall fitness. 

Depending on your budget you don't have to break the bank to get a great home gym of your own. You can, of course, push the boat out a bit more and get a 'light commercial' machine if you want.

1. Total Gym FORCE Home Gym

Price: $395.00

The Total Gym Force Home Gym offers your favorite gym rat over 60 exercise options. These exercises, as you'd expect, target major muscle groups including the pectorals, deltoids to hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

This set throws in tons of accessories to provide a nice intense workout. It also comes with DVDs, exercise charts and nutritional plans.

9 Best Home Gyms You Can Buy for the Gym Rat In Your Life
Source: Amazon

2. Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym

Price: $410.00

The Marcy MWM-990 Home Gym really does start to bring the gym into your home. It has a nice compact design and is very versatile indeed.

This is an all-in-one gym machine that offers over 30 strength training exercises for the entire body. It has a strong heavy duty steel construction and features a 150 lb selectorized weight stack.

It also comes with dual function press arm, adjustable preachers curl bicep pad and comfortable roller pads.

9 Best Home Gyms You Can Buy for the Gym Rat In Your Life
Source: Amazon

3. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Price: $470.00

The Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym provides over 30 exercises that should challenge every muscle group. The supplied Power Rod resistance system offers smooth, consistent tension throughout any exercise session.

The Bowflex is designed to provide the same 'feel' as free weights but without the risk of injury. The entire setup is designed to target any muscle group. The upper pulley, for example, focuses on lats, shoulders end deltoids. 

There really isn’t a muscle you can’t hit with the Bowflex PR1000 which we feel sits among the best home gyms you can buy.

4. Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III Home Gym

Price: $540.00

The Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III utilizes bodyweight for resistance, eliminating the need for heavyweights. This set lets you adjust the percentage of your own bodyweight lifted by moving the incline up or down.

This machine is finely crafted with chrome plated rails and a cushioned glide board with embroidered logo. The set also comes with a large squat-board, upgrade pull-up, push-up bar and other attachments.

The Bayou Fitness Total Trainer DLX-III Home Gym also comes with exercise cards that allow you to personalize and track your training program. 

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9 Best Home Gyms You Can Buy for the Gym Rat In Your Life
Source: Amazon

5. Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System

Price: $999.00

The Marcy Diamond Elite Smith System is great for those gym rats who love to 'do' weights. It offers an all-in-one workout station for serious home gym strength training. They can work all major muscle groups safely and effectively with the included adjustable catches, safety stoppers and “Ultra-Glide” linear bearings.

Unlike other smith machines, the Marcy Diamond Elite offers pulley functions operated with an independent motion system. These accentuate each prevision exercise executed. 

It comes with six Olympic weight plate storage pegs that allow you to organize your strength equipment. This gym also has a compact and heavy-duty tubular steel design that ensures years of use in your own home gym.

6. Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym

Price: $1250.00

The Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym really does look the business. It also has received a lot of praise from consumer reports. It has a simple design to provide maximum performance for a relatively low price. 

The machine is made from the best materials using high tensile steel and oversized test cables and fiberglass nylon pulleys. Body-Solid stands behind their construction and components with an unbelievable lifetime warranty.

This home gym can easily handle the most demanding strength routines. It also comes with a chest press, pec station, leg extension/leg curl, lat pulldown, seated row, ab crunch, and many more exercise options.

9 Best Home Gyms You Can Buy for the Gym Rat In Your Life
Source: Amazon

 7. Body-Solid Freeweight Leverage Gym

Price: $1600.00

The Body-Solid Freeweight Leverage Gym is certainly built to last. It is also designed to achieve maximum gains in strength and size in the shortest amount of time. This home gym comes with an extra heavy-duty frame constructed from 10 and 11 gauge steel with all four side welded.

It is durable thanks to its electrostatically applied powder coating to resist scratches and chips. This machine offers 40 different exercises on any one of the three distinctly different workout stations.

9 Best Home Gyms You Can Buy for the Gym Rat In Your Life
Source: Amazon

8. Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Double Stack Home Gym

Price: $2,500.00

Body Solid is here again with its Body-Solid EXM3000LPS Double Stack Home Gym. If your favorite gym rat wants maximum strength and a gym weight room full of options in a small space then here's their dream home gym. This home gym provides multiple workout stations that provide health club quality strength training for up to three people simultaneously.

And if all of that isn’t enough, Body-Solid backs the EXM3000LPS Double Stack Home Gym with a lifetime frame and parts warranties to ensure you will never need another piece of exercises equipment.

9. BodyCraft XPress Pro Home Gym 

Price: $2600.00

Last but by no means least is the BodyCraft XPress Pro Home Gym. The XPress home gym is a heavy duty steel tube framed setup with electrostatic powder coating paint. The pulleys have a large diameter and provide a smooth, fluid motion. The cables are internally lubricated and rated at 2000 lb tensile strength.

This machine is built to last and backed by a lifetime warranty. The Xpress is an innovative system that utilizes adjustable cable arms to open up hundreds of exercises. 

So there you go, 9 great home gyms for your favorite gym rat. Have we missed any great ones? Feel free to let us know below in the comments.

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