9+ Great Twitter Accounts for Any Connoisseur of Science

If you love all things science you might want to consider checking out some of these Twitter accounts.
Christopher McFadden

Twitter is, without doubt, one of the best and worst things ever invented. It can be a great way to connect directly with people, and institutions, of interest but is also a place where very angry people visit to vent their rage at the world. 

But, that being said, Twitter is fantastic for keeping up to date with the latest news in, among other things, the world of science and tech. 

Here are some great Twitter accounts you can follow to keep up with current affairs in Science. Just try to avoid "feeding the trolls". 


What are the best twitter accounts for science lovers?

There are many science-related Twitter accounts for any lover of science. We have highlighted 9 great examples below but that list is far from exhaustive.

best science twitter accounts
Source: World's Direction/Twitter

According to various sites, like indianapublicmedia.org, some others for you to consider include: -

  • @guardiantech - The official Twitter account from the Tech team at the Guardian.

  • @NatureChemistry - If Chemistry is your thing.

  • @AboutPhysics - Is great if you love Physics.

  • @PhysicsNews - Also another great resource for Physics-fans.

  • @geologynews - For lovers of all things Geology.

  • @nperscience - Great for the latest news in science as well as interesting discussions. 

  • @LiveScience - Covers scientific news and research.

  • @ScienceDaily - Offers breaking news on scientific breakthroughs in various disciplines.

What are the must-follow twitter accounts for science nerds?

Here are 9 of the greatest Twitter accounts for any science-nerd to follow without delay. Of course, these are just suggestions and they are in no particular order.

1. Why @IntEngineering of course!

best science twitter accounts ie
Source: @IntEngineering/Twitter

For any connoisseur of science and technology only the finest Twitter, and other social media accounts will do. That's where Interesting Engineering's own Twitter account must be your first port of call for all the latest news and great videos!

But. of course, you knew that! 

To date, our Twitter account has amassed 138K followers and has well over 20K tweets for your perusal. Keep up to date with all the latest toing and froing of the cutting edge news with IE.

You will not be disappointed - - but we would say that wouldn't we? 

2. Be sure to follow @newscientist

@newscientist is a must-follow for any science lover who braves Twitter. Over the years they have built a well-deserved reputation as one of the stalwarts of science and technology news.

If you aren't already, be sure to follow them on Twitter without delay. By doing so you will join the ranks of well over 3.52 million other followers and have access to their 66.6K+ tweets on the latest news in Science and Tech. 

3. @BBCScienceNews is pretty good

@BBCScienceNews is another fantastic Twitter accounts to follow if you can't get enough of science and tech news. They are hands down, one of the most authoritative sources in the world for science and tech news.

Their Twitter feed is a fantastic source for keeping up to date with the latest developments as well as providing a great jumping-off point for further reading. 

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To date, they have amassed an impressive 1.4 million followers and have well over 27K Tweets for your consideration. 

4. @science says it all

@science says it all. Their Twitter account name basically sums ups their feed to a tee. 

This Twitter account brings you all the latest news from the world of science, space, and robotics. 

With well over 882K followers and thousands of tweets about science and tech, you are bound to find something of interest. 

They have been around on Twitter since 2007 and their website sciencespacerobots.com is also worth looking at. 

5. @ReutersScience is worth following

@ReutersScience is another fantastic Twitter account to follow if you love science-related news. They bring their readers the very latest news on developments in everything from nanotechnology to Bitcoin. 

Frankly, @ReutersScience is a must-follow for anyone who loves to keep abreast of the latest developments in science and tech. They also, from to time, include pieces on global affairs and business that you might want to consider reading to expand your general understanding of current affairs.

6. How about checking out @NASA?

If you love all things space and space exploration then @NASA is one of the best Twitter accounts to follow. Why not consider joining the ranks of their well over 32.8 million followers?

To date, their Twitter account has amassed over 57.1K Tweets, each covering the latest developments in space and space exploration. 

By following them, you’ll find fascinating news updates, as well as spectacular footage and images from their spacecraft.

7. Hear it from the horse's mouth with @neiltyson

If @NASA doesn't sate your appetite for all things space-related, you might want to consider following Neil deGrasse Tyson's official Twitter account @neiltyson. He has well over 13.5 million followers to date and an often highly entertaining back catalog of 6,000+ tweets for you to browse. 

Of course, unlike others already mentioned, his account will offer a fascinating insight into the man behind the legend. Not only will he often tweet about important news in science and tech, but he also has his own imitable sense of humor that will keep you entertained for many an hour. 

8. Check out Scientific American's @sciam Twitter!

Scientific American is another of most widely-read and respected science-news sources around. With that in mind, you might want to consider keeping up to date with the latest news at the Twitter account @sciam

Their account has over 3.77 million subs and an enormous collection of 62K + tweets. 

9. @NatureNews is another great Twitter account for Science

@NatureNews is the official Twitter news, and opinion pieces, feed of one of the most well-respected science journals around - Nature. They regularly share news on the latest discoveries in life science and also offer high-quality expert opinion pieces on various subjects.

Expand your knowledge with this great science-related Twitter account.

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