9 Interesting Stories of Objects Lost in Time That Were Found in the Present

Long lost to the ages, these items have recently been rescued from decay and forget.
Christopher McFadden

It is always interesting to find buried or lost items from the past. Buried, hidden or forgotten years ago, their original owners couldn't imagine the world in which they would be found in the future. 

Here, then, are some interesting stories of time capsules and other items being uncovered years later.


What are some interesting time capsule stories?

So, without further ado, here are some interesting stories of objects from the past being found in surprising ways. Trust us when we say this list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. This lady found her old mixtape in an art exhibition

interesting time capsule stories tape
Source: Joe Kirschling/Flickr

Stella Wedell recently recognized an old mixtape from the 90s in an art exhibition in Sweden. She had lost it while on a family holiday in Spain.

Believed to be lost for a long time, she never expected to ever see it again.

But Ms. Wedell was in for a surprise when she actually found it displayed in a gallery 25 years later. The tape had washed up on the beach in Fuerteventura, more than 1,200 miles from the Canary Islands where Wedell had lost it all those years ago.

It was discovered by Mandy Barker, from Leeds, who specializes in marine photography and is currently touring Europe with her exhibition on plastic pollution. Amazingly the tape still worked!

When Ms. Wedell happened to visit the exhibition, the tape's tracklisting jogged her memory and she contacted the artist. 

The tape will now complete the exhibition's tour before being returned to its original owner. 

2. This old purse from the 1950s is amazing

time capsules interesting stories purse
Source: demilked

Last year an old purse from the 1950s or 60s was discovered at North Canton Middle School, Ohio. The dusty, and slightly battered purse, it was found lodged behind some old lockers.

After investigating the contents, the school discovered that it belonged to a former pupil called Patti Rumfola. She would have been 14 when she lost it.

Once the former owner had been identified, the school began a Facebook campaign to return it.

It didn't take long before members of Patti's family got in contact. Sadly Ms. Rumfola had passed away a few years prior. But her surviving family members were eager to take a look at its contents and return them to the family estate. 

The bag was like a literal time capsule and contained photos, keepsakes, and other personal items from a more innocent time. 

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3. A 100-year-old time capsule was unearthed during demolition works in North Dakota

During some demolition works in North Dakota, a time capsule that was buried almost a century ago was unearthed. The demo team was working on the former Law Enforcement Center in the city of Williston at the time.

As the team was removing an original cornerstone from the building, the crew found a hidden compartment underneath the stone. Within it was a sealed metal box.

When the crew opened the box they found several documents of historical value to the city. One of which dated to 1929 and contained an invitation to the opening of the Good Samaritan Hospital -- the building's original name.

4. A rare copy of Newton's groundbreaking work was recently found in Corsica

A rare edition of Isaac Newtons' groundbreaking work "Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica" has recently been unearthed. It was discovered on the island of Corsica and is really creating a storm.

The book contains his thoughts on the three laws of motion and is the foundation for most of modern physics. It was found in a library on the island.

The original work was written in 1687 and there are very few surviving copies of the original edition. The library in which it was discovered was founded by Lucien Bonaparte, one of Napoleon Bonaparte's brothers.

Vannina Schirinsky-Schikhmatoff, director of conservation at the Fesch public heritage library in Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica, learned of the book's whereabouts while reading an index of the library from Lucien Bonaparte himself.

"I found the Holy Grail in the main room, hidden in the upper shelves," said Vannina Schirinsky-Schikhmatoff, director of conservation at the Fesch public heritage library in Ajaccio, the capital of Corsica. 

"The cover has a little damage but inside it's in excellent condition — this is the cornerstone of modern mathematics." 

5. A 1940s time capsule was discovered in an old church's "Gothic Arches"

During the demolition works of an almost century-and-a-half church in Saint John, CA, uncovered something interesting. While they had got a heads-up that something like this might be found, they weren't entirely sure where it was. 

The capsule had been stashed away in a part of the church called the "Gothic Arches" back in the late-1940s. At this time the church had been undergoing refurbishment works. 

The time capsule was brought to the team's attention by local historian Harold Wright. 

"In the 1949 version, it makes mention of documents going back to the establishment of the church, which is 1838, so when this time capsule gets opened, we should see documents from the 1830s all the way up to 1949," Wright said.

6. This time capsule was also uncovered during building works

timecapsules box
Source: News Star

During some investigative works for the rehabilitation of the Louisiana State Capital Building, surveyors made a startling discovery. Hidden behind the cornerstone of the NW corner of the building, was a sealed copper box.

After some investigation, it was discovered that the box was placed there in 1931 by then Gov. Huey P. Long and architect Leon Weiss. There are currently no plans to open this piece of history. 

The time capsule will be analyzed and a plan is in progress for where and how the box will be displayed.

7. This chap found a rare old gold coin while metal detecting

old stuff found gold coin
Source: James Bird/Okehampton Times

A lorry driver recently discovered a rare coin while using a metal detector on an organized dig. The man, Sean Sandercock uncovered the "Holy Grail of metal detecting" earlier this year in East Devon.

The coin, a pure gold half-sovereign was valued at around £2,000 by today's prices. The exact location of the dig cannot be published, by Mr. Sandercock said that the site was near an old abbey.

Mr. Sandercock is planning on selling the coin to the highest bidder to fund a holiday for his family. Other finds at the site include historic silver coins, including a William III sixpence, dated 1649.  

8. This time capsule was buried in 1884

In May of last year, workers found a buried time capsule during demolition works on part of Chase Farm Hospital in Enfield, North London. The capsule had been hidden in 1884 and has remained untouched ever since.

After being exhumed, the capsule was sent to Scotland for controlled opening as it's contents were deemed too delicate to remove otherwise. A new time capsule was recently planted on the site by the Duke of York.

9. A "time capsule" from a WW1 soldier has finally been opened

time capsules ww1
Source: warhistoryonline

Private Edward Ambrose, from Hertfordshire, England, was killed during the early days of the Somme in 1916. His possessions were returned to his grieving parents in a case.

It was never opened and was stored in the family's attic for years -- never to be touched. Years later, Private Ambrose's nephew, after visiting a local historical exhibition decided to open it for the first time after almost 90 years.

Inside was a treasure trove of old photos, letters, smoking paraphernalia, and other interesting items from the period. It even included some amazing military items like fragments of german shells, a medal and its original owner's regimental badges and other insignia. 

Private Ambrose is buried at the Commonwealth War Graves Cemetery at Etaples in France. His belongings were put on display during an exhibition to mark the 100th Anniversary of the start of WW1.

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