9 Most Satisfying CNC Milling Machine Videos on the Internet

Ah the CNC milling machine. Let's indulge ourselves with some satisfying videos of them in action creating works of pure beauty.
Christopher McFadden

Ah, the CNC milling machine. Whether you work with them or simply admire them, there can be no doubt that the sheer diversity three-dimensional objects they can create are mind-boggling.

From purely functional parts to works of art they seem to have no limit other than human imagination.

Here we celebrate them with the 9 most satisfying CNC milling machine videos we have managed to find on the internet. Of course, the following are an arbitrary selection and rather subjective so we look forward to seeing your suggestions.

If you've ever wondered how these machines work, this article gives a pretty useful overview. Anyway, without further ado let's get into it, shall we?

1. Variaxis I-700

Satisfying right? Amazing that such complexity can be achieved by CNC milling alone. Made by Mazak, these bad boys have vertical machining centers with advanced multiple-surface, simultaneous 5-axis machine capabilities.

This lets you accurately process parts with complex profiled surface in single runs, apparently. You can pair this with an optional two-pallet changer.

This will let you load, unload and inspect parts on one pallet whilst the machine is working on another piece undisturbed. Anyway enough sales jargon, it won't happen again.

2. CNC milled pig

Yup that's right some genius decided to create a pig with a CNC milling machine. Not only that they did us the great service of filming the entire process. Thank you very much.

It's incredible the level of detail and controls these machines can achieve with such a complex 3D model.

You could easily be forgiven for thinking it's a human hand guiding it. The music is a bit corny but we won't hold that against them. Nice one.

3. M8 Cube Datron CNC Machine and the Datron Foam Cutting Tools

Man, I could watch that all day. Pretty hypnotizing right? So graceful, granted the sound might get on your nerves eventually.

It always amazes us how they can cut through metal like its made of plastic or wood. We're just glad we don't have to clean up the mess afterward. Imagine having to do all that by hand?

Who would have thought a machine could look so graceful whilst carving out a piece of metal. Anyway moving on.

4. Hurry yes there are

Wow, just wow. This slow motion video of a Gold-Max 4 with Serrated Inserts in action is very satisfying indeed if we do say so ourselves.

The music is a little annoying but they might be onto something here. Who wouldn't want a slow-mo CNC milling machine as a music video we say? Imagine some Tool hits, maybe Vicarious, with this as the video? Perhaps some classical? Might jazz work too? You'd have to match the tempo but this could breed an entirely new genre... Anyway, we digress, moving on swiftly.

5. Prefer Eagles to Pigs?

A bit more of a mini infomercial, this is still a very satisfying video nonetheless. Ok, he's a little annoying, apologies, but fair play to him. Anyway, back to the video. That is a work of art, to be honest. Sculptures need to sit up, they could soon be out of a job. Well physically sculpting at least. Obviously, someone needs to model it in CAD. Remarkable really what they can do with these machines. Your imagination seems to be the only limitation.

6. CNC milled helmet

Did anyone else make their own sound effects when the chamber doors closed? Ok just us then. Absolutely incredible control and "dexterity", if you can apply such a noun to machines.

The level of detail in the final helmet is mind-boggling. Imagine having the task of having to perform that by hand. Ok, metal is hard to work with at the best of times, but to get that level of detail? Amazing.

7. Let's speed things up a bit

Have the others been a bit too sluggish for your liking? Then you'll enjoy this one. Ok, it does cheat a little with some sped up footage, but this is pretty satisfying to watch, to be honest. Incredibly graceful if we do say so. Look at that finish, shiny, shiny goodness. The bit barely looks like it touching the surface at times. Absolutely beautiful.

8. Speed limit to the limit

OK if the last video was a disappointment, this one will certainly not be. Watch it go, that is fast. Full throttle CNC machine milling, these guys really push the limits of their machines. Amazingly the bit doesn't fail. Really cool to watch and the product was completed in less than two minutes. Amazing.

9. Compilation to finish

And to finish, a nice compilation video to the glory of CNC milling machines. Finally, a soundtrack that actually seems appropriate to the content.

We are not sure whether it's more satisfying to see these machine working on wood or metal? We'll let you decide. Sorry, we got distracted watching this one, truly hypnotic. We defy you all to not watch this speechless. Incredible what can be achieved with these machines.

The final word

So there you go. We hope you enjoyed our humble selection of most satisfying CNC milling machine videos. Of course, a subject like this is highly subjective so if you have any suggestions we'd be very pleased to hear them.