9 of the Best Twitter Reactions to the Facebook and Instagram Outages

Just because Facebook and Instagram are down does not mean you should be. Here are some of the funniest Twitter reactions to the crisis to keep you company while your accounts return.
Loukia Papadopoulos
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Major outages on Facebook and Instagram were reported today around the world, particularly in the United Kingdom, across continental Europe, and in North America. The social networks were shown giving 'service unavailable' messages to many of their worried users.


Downdetector.com, a site dedicated to tracking such issues, indicated a massive 2,904 reports for Facebook problems and 619 for Instagram as of 4 PM GMt+1 time. The complaints came from as far as Australia and the Philipines.

Several hours beforehand, Facebook’s Messenger app also crashed globally. Luckily, Twitter remained strong and steady, giving people a much-needed outlet to publicly express their views on the topic. After all, does an event really take place if people don't rant about it?

We have compiled here a list of our favorite Twitter reactions to this latest social media debacle. We hope you will enjoy them and that they will offer some comfort until Facebook and Instagram are back on!

1. The wink

Ever the gracious host, this Twitterer decided to welcome new visitors with a flirty wink. Perhaps this might convince them to stay?

2. Running to Twitter

This young lady chose a crafty illustration to express just what it looks like when Facebook and Instagram users panic and head to their lesser-used Twitter companion to check what is really going on with their accounts. Or is this actual footage of real events?

3. The best

Fox 5 DC gave us this great shot of DJ Khaled saying what all Twitter execs and dedicated fans must be thinking at the moment. You are the best Twitter, at least for now!

4. In tears

Well, this one broke our hearts. But worry not Facebook and Instagram fans, we are certain your accounts will be up sooner than expected.

5. The freak-out

This Twitter user brought up a very crucial point. How can we collectively freak out without the networks that allow us to share our panic?

6. Top gun

We could not resist sharing this reference to an old-time classic movie. It also happens to be particularly very apropos.

7. The work conundrum

Sesame Street came up with this glorious meme starring cookie monster that describes exactly how most people stuck at work during this social media crisis are feeling.

8. Sarcasm at its best

The Beaverton took this opportunity to remind us that these networks are notorious for exploiting our private data. Hmmm, perhaps these outages may not be such a bad thing after all?

9. The friendly suggestion

It was only a matter of time till somebody said it but UNESCO surprised us with this one nonetheless. Well said UNESCO! Well said indeed.


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