9 of the Funniest Programmer Memes Right Now

Are you a programmer? Like memes? Then you really need to check these out.
Christopher McFadden

Are you looking for some awesome programming-related memes? Then you have come to the right place.

Here we have scoured the internet for some of the best programming memes money can buy (well, actually they are all completely free).

You are more than welcome!


What are the funniest memes of all time?

The internet is literally drowning in hilarious memes on many different subjects. From old school ones like "Grumpy Cat" to "Hide Your Pain Harold," a simple internet search will offer you a series of memes that are bound to make your day.

That being said, some of the funniest memes of all time include, but are not limited to: 

  1. Bad Joke Eel
  2. Crying, Wesley Snipes 
  3. The World's Most Interesting Man 
  4. Ermahgerd
  5. Business Cat
  6. Awkward Moment Seal
  7. Doge
  8. Facebook Privacy

What's the greatest meme of all time?

Which of the countless memes every created is the greatest of all time is an impossible question to answer. Such things are highly subjective by their very nature. 

But, that being said, one of the most popular and memorable meme series of all time are those that feature "Tardar Sauce" the Grumpy Cat.

This unmistakable feline came to meme prominence in around 2012 after its owner uploaded an image of their miserable-looking cat to Reddit.

The rest, as they say, is now history.

What makes a great meme?

A really great meme tends to have some basic components that make it highly shareable and viral-worthy. These include, but are not limited to: 

1. They are usually witty  - This can either be achieved through the use of puns or plays on words or by just being a well-constructed joke. Memes, at their very core, need to be silly and funny while also conveying a deeper meaning or message.

But, at the end of the day, memes should be more about having fun than trying to force-feed propaganda to an audience. They will not appreciate it!

2. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - Most great memes will build on an existing trend of memes. Prime examples include "Tardar Sauce" the Grumpy Cat, and "Hide the Pain Harold" etc.

"For instance, the Ryan Gosling “Hey Girl" meme series was a sensation that General Electric decided to recreate with their own voice and brand to then launch on Pinterest to gain visibility." - brianhonigman.com.

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3. For marketing purposes, memes must be relevant to your brand - For memes to be used effectively, they should broadly relate to your platform or message. For businesses, this will greatly improve your audience's engagement and pay dividends in the long run.

4. Check out the competition - If you are running short of ideas, you can always get some inspiration from existing meme factories like Reddit, 4Chan, Imgur, Tumblr, and the like. This will provide you with an appreciation of what kinds of memes are popular right now.

Or, alternatively, go your own way! You might start a new meme trend.

What are some funny memes about programming?

So, without further ado, here are some funny memes about programming that will make your day. This list is far from exhaustive and is in no particular order.

1. Making light of someone else's pain is always a winner

Humour gain with pain ;p from r/ProgrammerHumor

The very best memes are those that, in part, make light of someone else's pain. Programming memes are no exception.

As this meme sums up very succinctly, many a programmer that outwardly laughs at such memes will secretly be crying on the inside.

2. Puns + programming jokes = win, win, win

Bit by bit from r/ProgrammerHumor

When you combine puns with programming jokes, you know you are onto a good thing. This meme is a prime example. 

A classic excuse with a very brave recovery -- we are very impressed!

It would be interesting to know if this would work in reality. Full marks for creativity and excellent pun usage.  

3. What did you just say?

Wait what? from r/ProgrammerHumor

The life of a programmer is an unenviable one. Unless you know something about it, you will never really understand how taxing it can be on the old noggin'.

But to the layman, programmers can appear to be a little "special"; in more ways than one. 

4. Is your code something of a Frankenstein's monster?

I should have changed the text to “One lady / literally every other programmer on the planet” from r/ProgrammerHumor

While we appreciate the rather romantic view of programming some appear to have -- the reality can be far from the truth. Though it is always exhilarating to build your code from scratch, in most cases you've probably plagiarised some (or all) of it from Stack Overflow. 

But don't beat yourself up too much. If it works, it works!

5. There is always another programmer whose code puts yours to shame on Stack Overflow

And after you see that this is a post posted by your account from r/ProgrammerHumor

Sticking on the subject of Stack Overflow, this meme pretty much sums up every programmer's life. It's always disheartening to satisfactorily create a perfectly serviceable piece of code only to find out that it can be done far more efficiently.

Perhaps in the future, it would be better to not check Stack Overflow for similar solutions to your code. But, being glutton for punishment, that's not actually going to happen anytime soon. 

6. Always test your code before deployment!

Always test properly before you deploy to production. Leaving testing to users may cause unwanted chain reaction. from r/ProgrammerHumor

The ability of users to test your code to destruction is limitless. Some have an unnatural ability to find a critical bug in your work that can completely undermine the entire project. 

Not only is this incredibly frustrating for the programmer, but it is also painfully embarrassing at times. For this reason, it is best to always rigorously test your code before deployment. 

Or not, it's your life (and reputation). 

7. Deploy clever hacks in moderation, you might regret it in the long run 

Dealing with PM's ridiculous feature requests from r/ProgrammerHumor

While it is always satisfying to find a clever solution to an initially impossible feature proposal, you might want to keep it to yourself. At least for a little while. 

By providing your awesome solution too eagerly, you will likely be asked to provide ever more insane solutions to ridiculous feature requests in the future. 

It might be better to provide a time estimate for development that includes the time you've already spent on coding, debugging and QA. Then whack on an extra 20 to 50% padding time for good measure.

That way when you provide the solution ahead of schedule, you'll look like a superhero!

8. No solution on Stack Overflow? This is not possible!

The worst pain one can imagine from r/ProgrammerHumor

Stack Overflow is a wonderful resource for many a programmer. You can pretty much guarantee there is a solution to your every problem somewhere on there. 

But on those rare occasions when you are "left out in the cold", it can seem like the world is conspiring against you. Guess you'll have to do it the hard way.

9. "The best-laid plans of mice and men"

Just Developer Thinking! from r/ProgrammerHumor

And last, but by no means least, is this beauty of a programming meme. While every programmer dreams of adding "more strings to their bow" over time, sometimes life has other plans in store. 

When it comes to learning new languages, for example, "the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry."

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