9 Products for Fans in Honor of the New Watchmen Series

Wait up, take a look at these Watchmen products before diving into the new series.
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If you're a comics enthusiast, you must be a big fan of DC's Watchmen. And if you're a fan of Watchmen, surely you're a person with good taste. 

Watchmen shows us an alternative universe where some American superheroes take part in big historical events, such as the US winning the Vietnam War, Nixon still being the president, and the cold war still being in full effect. 

We see a group of heroes, Rorschach, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Dr. Manhattan, and Ozymandias, coming together to solve a mystery. 

While the new HBO show Watchmen was released on October 21, here are 9 Watchmen products for excited fans. 

1. Watchmen Smiley Pinback Button 

The Comedian's Badge, aka The Button, is one of the most iconic items from the Watchmen comics with a yellow smiley face and blood spatter on it. It's even the symbol of the cover of the first issue of the comics. 

The Comedian stole the pin from the second Silk Spectre in the Before Watchmen, and since then the badge is identified with him. 

So, this iconic pin from the Watchmen series is a great thing to have if you're a Watchmen fan. With the new show coming out, it's about time to get this!

Source: 3ZLady/Amazon

2. Watchmen Nite Owl Mask

Nite Owl II, Dan Dreiberg, relied more upon technical wizardry and tools, unlike his fellow heroes who use toughness. Also, all of his gadgets and costume parts are based on an owl theme. He has an owl-shaped flying vehicle called "Owlship" or "Archie." 

Nite Owl is a wise, strong character even though he had a traumatic childhood because of his abusive father. Since Halloween is coming up, if you have any questions about what you are going to be for the costume parties, your answer is right here. Just choose the mask of one of the coolest superheroes ever lived. 

Source: Rubie's/Amazon

3. DIAMOND SELECT TOYS Rorschach Half-Scale Bust

Rorschach is definitely the coolest person ever lived! He has laconic behavior, he's a vigilante, he's a loner, he's quiet but seeks justice. So basically, he's the definition of the cool guy. If you're one of those people highly influenced by Rorschach, this bust is something you shouldn't miss. 

It features the exact outfit of Rorschach, so maybe even the presence of the bust in your house will make you feel safe. 


4. DC Comics Dr. Manhattan Figure

Doctor Jon Osterman, aka, Dr. Manhattan had an accident involving a nuclear physics experiment, which led him to have god-like powers such as telekinetic control, teleport and superhuman physical prowess. Also, he has clairvoyance which allows him to perceive the past, present, and future as happening simultaneously. 

He becomes a pawn of the United States government, and due to his help in the Manhattan Project, he was given the nickname "Doctor Manhattan."

He is nice, helpful, and has a big heart. And if Dr. Manhattan is your favorite Watchmen character, this figure is the right thing for you.

Source: DC Comics/Amazon

5. DC Comics The Comedian Figure

He's one of the only masked heroes who's a member of both the Minutemen and the Crimebusters. Also, he helped the government for 45 years. He's described as "deliberately amoral" with a "practiced cynicism." It means that he doesn't really care about social conventions and human life. 

Even though he may seem like a jerk to some, he's actually a funny and sarcastic guy, and yeah, a little bit of a jerk too. But the Comedian is one of the legends of this universe, so this figure comes for every Comedian fan out there. 

Source: DC Comics/Amazon

6. Watchmen Deluxe Edition Comic Book

Watchmen starts with the murder of a retired hero, and his former teammates come together to investigate the case. But the difference of Watchmen from other comics is that it analyzes the secret traumas and twisted psychologies of each character. 

It's obvious that thanks to its psychological depth and realism, Watchmen has been universally acclaimed. 

In this deluxe edition version of Watchmen, the heroes Rorschach, Nite Owl, Silk Spectre, Dr. Manhattan, and Ozymandias come together to solve a mystery and ask themselves where the true line between good and evil lies. 

Source: Alan Moore/Amazon

7. Before Watchmen: Comedian/Rorschach Comic Book

Comedian and Rorschach are the most asked about and most liked heroes of Watchmen and Minutemen. And in this comic book, you can find out more about the characters. What did they do, how were their lives, since it's a series that focus highly on childhood traumas and psychologies of the characters, we also find out the answer of the question; what have they been through?

While reading this comic, you'll be able to understand the past of the Comedian and Rorschach, and what shaped them into the way they are today. 

Source: Brian Azzarello/Amazon

8. Before Watchmen: Nite Owl/Dr. Manhattan Comic Book 

Like every other character in Watchmen, Nite Owl and Dr. Manhattan also have interesting pasts and traumas that transformed them into different people. With this comic book, you'll understand how Dan Dreiberg became the Nite Owl II, what affected and led him into following the first Nite Owl.


Also, you'll find out more about Dr. Manhattan's back story and how he was exposed to radiation and how it changed his life forever, how he helped the US government and you'll learn even more about him. 

Source: Michael J. Straczynski/Amazon

9. Before Watchmen: Minutemen/Silk Spectre 

Every true Watchmen fan knows that before Watchmen, there was Minutemen, and it was basically the same concept with Watchmen, including some superheroes such as The Comedian and the first Silk Spectre. 

This comic book will show you the history of Minutemen, how they helped shape the history of the USA, and how they helped the creation of Watchmen. You can also find out about the first Silk Spectre of Minutemen, Sally Jupiter, and her daughter, the second Silk Spectre, Laurie Juspeczyk.

Source: Darwyn Cooke/Amazon

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