9 Relics on Earth That Still Remain A Mystery

Some things still don’t have an explanation. Here is the list of mysterious relics around the world
Kashyap Vyas
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The earth has never failed to surprise us or confront us with unexplainable facts. With every new excavation or a discovery of a relic, some new questions arise.

Despite the rapid advancements in science and technology where science tries to answer most of the unanswered questions, there are still some things that appall us all the time. Some relics that have been discovered on earth from time to time are one of the most prominent examples of these unexplainable truths on earth.

Most of the artifacts and relics do find an explanation eventually by historians or archaeologists. However, there are still many exceptions that perplex people from time to time. Is it from our ancestors, aliens, and other life or energy forms? We still don’t know the answer.

Let’s check out some of these unexplainable relics on earth!

1. The Ancient Planes

It is common to find unexplainable relics in Egypt, but you will be surprised to learn about these gold trinkets that resemble the current designs of airplanes that were found in South America and Central America. These gold trinkets date far back to 500 CE.

Archaeologists have named them zoomorphic which literally means something that resembles animals. It looks like a good mix of a bird or a fish or something in between the two, but that does not give an answer about their origins.

Moreover, it has certain exciting features that resemble an airplane. These features include things like a stabilizing tail, wings, and even the landing gears.

They almost look like the fighter jets that are available in present times. But was it possible to fly planes 1000 years ago as well? Or are these merely a depiction of birds, fish or bees or maybe a mix of all?

There is no answer to this but it and perhaps we will never find an answer to these questions. Nevertheless, it is always interesting to see these relics and make speculations.

2. The Ancient Greek Computer – The Antikythera Mechanism

The Antikythera Mechanism
Source: Weekend Wayfarers/Flickr

The Antikythera was found in one of the shipwrecks that were buried 45 meters underwater. It is known as the first mechanical computer and was apparently designed in order to understand or calculate the astronomical positions.

The design and mechanics of this ancient Greek computer is top quality considering the era that it comes from. It has a box with dials on its outer part and a super complex set of gears within it.

The design, in the words of the professor Michael Edmunds from Cardiff University, is jaw-dropping. This makes the scientists of current era rethink about their opinion on ancient Greek engineering because the device is not even close to what has been written in the Greek texts from that time.

The archaeologists believe that there must be some predecessors to this fine instrument, but so far, none have been found. Hence, it is even more impressive to find such an elaborate mechanical astronomical clock that was non-existent in Europe until the 14th century.

So, the biggest question that emerged out of this discovery is how did the Greeks manage to build this complex mechanism without any technology at their disposal? Or was there technology that we don’t know of?

There are many such questions but no answers!

3. A Nuclear Reactor – 1.8 to 2 Billion Year Old

One of the most surprising discoveries has been a nuclear reactor that was found in Africa’s Gabon Republic. In the year 1972, a French factory used to import Uranium Ore from Oklo which is a place in the Gabon Republic in Africa.

They found that on the site the uranium was already extracted. Further, they also discovered that there was a large scale nuclear reactor that functioned in that area that must have come into being 1.8 billion or even 2 billion years ago and was in operation for as many as 500,000 years.

For this, the former head of the United States Atomic Commission, Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg, who is also a Nobel Prize winner, said that it could not be a natural phenomenon, according to his speculations. It has to be a nuclear reactor that was built by man because, in order to burn uranium, the conditions need to be very precise. The water also needs to be purer than what exists naturally.

Moreover, U-235, which is an isotope of Uranium, is required in order to make the fission possible. Overall, it is challenging for all the conditions to be naturally in favor of a nuclear reaction.

The 1.8 billion old nuclear reactors seem like a wonder because if such technology existed in those times, there should be more evidence about it. There is no concrete explanation for it.

Nevertheless, it is a great wonder.

4. Gobekli Tepe in Turkey

Gobekli Tepe in Turkey
Source: Teomancimit/Wikimedia Commons

Archaeologists discovered the Gobekli Tepe in the southeast part of Turkey in the Urfa plain. Klaus Schmidt discovered it in the mid-1990s.

Archaeologists speculate that is might be older than the Stonehenge going as far back as 9500 B.C. If the speculations are accurate, this place might have existed even before the existence of pottery.

It might have existed when humans were still living the nomadic life. According to Schmidt and his successor, the site might have served as a religious place where people must have organized religious activities. While others contest this belief by saying that this might have been the home for one of the first dwellers who existed on earth.

We do not have the right answer yet, but it is fantastic to see such a profound site from such old times.

It is indeed a wonder that leaves us in awe.

5. The Dropa Stones

The Dropa Stones
Source: tonynetone/Flickr

The Dropa stones were discovered by a team of archaeologists led by Dr. Chi Pu Tei in the Baian-Kara-Ula in China. Hundreds of disks of stones were lying in the interior of a cave under thick layers of dust.

The discs resemble phonograph records and were 9-inches in diameter with a circle that was cut out in the center. It looked like a spiral groove.

According to the experts, these discs are more than 10,000 years old. The spiral is made up of tiny hieroglyphics.

Moreover, when the texts on these discs were deciphered, they found that they had stories of spaceships crashing into the mountains and was piloted by a group of people who were called Dropa. That’s what the Chinese researcher named Tsum Um Nui, who was working on Dropa stones revealed and concluded.

However, he was ridiculed by the scientific community and went into an exile in Japan. Later, Russia took an interest in these stones and asked China for some samples. After China sent some samples, they did research on them and could sense some extraordinary vibration or ‘hum’ rhythm as if an electric charge was passing through it.

Nevertheless, the research on it was discontinued later or at least was not made public. But, these stones still arouse a lot of curiosity among people.

For now, no one knows where these stones are stored or what is being done with them.

6. The Ica Stones

The Ica Stones
Source: Brattarb/Wikimedia Commons

The Ica stones are a collection of interesting and eye-catching stones that were a part of the collection of Dr. Javier Carbrera. He started his collection in the 1930s after receiving a gift from a farmer who gave him a strange looking stone.

He got so intrigued by it that he started his collection and ended up having more than at least 1,100 andesite stones in his collection.  The age of these stones can range between 500 to 1,500 years.

Some of them have sexually appealing graphics while others depict idols or some even have graphics of brain transplants or open-heart surgeries. One of the most talked about depiction is that of dinosaurs.

It is interesting and astonishing at the same time. However, some skeptics call it a hoax while others still believe it.

So far, the authenticity of the Ica Stones has neither been denied nor proved. It still remains an interesting mystery.

7. The Guatemala Stone Head

The Guatemala stone head was found in the 1930s by some explorers in the middle of the Guatemala jungle. Interestingly, the facial features of the statue did not resemble Maya or any of the previously known civilizations.

The statue had an elongated cranium which was unique and had never been discovered before. According to the researchers, the statue is a depiction of the ancient alien civilization that existed in the pre-Hispanic America and was far more advanced than the people living there currently.

Of course, some people call it a hoax and believe that it could be a work of a recent artist or a sculptor.  There is no evidence of an ancient, advanced civilization and the possibility to find out the reality behind the statue is not very big.

Nevertheless, it remains a mystery with no possible answers in the near future.

8. The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica
Source: Rodtico21/Wikimedia Commons

The huge, giant-sized stone spheres are found in Costa Rica, and they date back to A.D. 600. In the local language, they are known as “Las Bolas” or “The Ball”. Most of these rocks are made from a rock known as gabbro and are made from molten magma.

They were made during the pre-Colombian civilization period. According to archaeologists, people of that civilization used small stones to carve these stones into perfect circles.

However, some non-experts speculate that these spheres were used for the purpose of astronomy. There are others who believe that these rocks were used to show directions to important places.

The real reason is only being speculated. According to John W. Hoopes, the Chibchan people inhabited this region and were perished as a result of the Spanish conquests. So, the reason to have these spherical rocks also perished with them.

Right now, there are only speculations and no concrete answers.

9. Mayan Artifact of the Mexican Government

The Mexican government released a few Maya artifacts in the year 2012. According to them, they were protecting these artifacts for almost 80 years as a state’s secret.

They were found in an unexplored pyramid that was under another pyramid in Calakmul which was amongst one of the powerful Maya cities of ancient times. The Mexican government sanctioned a documentary that showed some of these artifacts that depicted alien visitors as well as UFOs.

It looks really interesting. But conspiracy theorists have their views who believe that close observation of these artifacts clearly show that these are all false.

Apart from the other frauds, there is also very little scientific evidence to prove the authenticity of these artifacts. Some speculate that local artisans made these artifacts.

We don’t know the real story behind these artifacts. Nevertheless, they do remain a mystery.

Human beings love mystery, and by nature, we are always driven towards finding the answers to these unanswered questions. While we have been successful in finding answers for many questions, some are still ambiguous.