9 Stylish Kitchen Gadgets

There are so many cool kitchen gadgets around now that help us to save time.
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These kitchen tools are not only useful; they are stylish, fancy and charming as well. Besides, we could even say ‘lifesaver’ for some of them!

1. Darth Vader Toaster

Source: Pangea Brands/Amazon

If you are a Star Wars fan and need a toaster, this two-slice one might be one of the coolest stuff in your kitchen. You can invite your geek friends to watch a movie and serve toast bread with Star Wars logos on them! It is easy to clean with its removable crumb tray as either! Buy for $50.12.

2. Espresso & Cappuccino Maker

Source: Brentwood/Amazon

Surely you can make a filtered coffee by a French press. But what about the cappuccino? With this low budget gadget, you don’t have to steam your milk by a blender anymore! Buy for $36.99.

3. Avoid accidents by Finger Guard

Source: CJESLNA/Amazon

If you feel unsafe while slicing and dicing veggies, the finger guard is the tool you need. It is a practical and cute gift to anyone who has accidents in the kitchen either. Buy for $4.00.

4. Japanese Tea Set

Source: Old Dutch/Amazon

For the ones who like Japanese culture and would like to have a Japanese tea set, the Guro iron is ideal. The high-quality cast iron helps to keep your tea at the perfect serving temperature for a long time either. Buy for $60.00.

5. Stainless Steel Ice Cube Set

Source: amzdeal/Amazon

If you don’t like to mix your drink with water when the ices are melted, the stainless steel ice cubes are the solution you are looking for. Keep them in the freezer for a couple of hours and drop into your drink and enjoy! That’s all! Buy for $16.99.

6. Retro Family Size Breakfast Station

Source: Nostalgia/Amazon

Your kitchen might be small to have a toaster, a coffee maker, and a grill asunder. So this retro looks stylish breakfast station is the one you need. You can brew four cups of coffee at once, toast up to four slices of bread and you can even reheat your food whenever you want to! Buy for $79.99.


9 Stylish Kitchen Gadgets

Well, this one is one of the nerdiest kitchen tools ever. You can have your coffee mug when you like to have a coffee, or if you have extra LEGO bricks, just play with them whenever you like either! Besides, it gives you a chance to brick up your unique coffee cup too! Buy for $17.92.

8. Kitchen Rail with Hooks

9 Stylish Kitchen Gadgets
Source: Wallniture/Amazon

If your kitchen is small, hanging some mugs and pans to create extra space, could be a great solution. Besides, black is easy to fit into any kind of decoration. Buy for $19.99.


9. Bialetti Moka Pot

Source: Bialetti

This one is a legendary Italian design. You can even see them in many industrial design museums all around the world. If you don’t have enough money to cover a coffee machine, it is one of the coolest and stylish options ever. It is really easy to use and clean, and brewing the best espressos either. Buy for $39.99.

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