A Guide to Making Money from Welding: Career Options and Advice

Know how you can use your welding skills to make good money!
Kashyap Vyas

Welding is not something that anyone can do; it is an acquired skill. And you can see the difference in the projects done by a skilled worker and someone who is inexperienced in welding. People like to pay good money for welders who can complete a project with finesse.

Joining two materials together can be done in different ways. But welding stands out as the most effective. This is why you see companies prefer welding when it comes to joining parts that need to undergo large amounts of stress.


A skilled welder is always in demands because his work is a testament to the quality of the weld. To a trained eye, a good weld job and a blotch weld job is easily distinguishable. There are some tell-tale signs that indicate a bad job:

  • Lack of uniformity
  • Spatter
  • Visible lacks of fusion
  • Cracks
  • Burnouts

These are signs that show improper weld and the presence of such signs does indeed raise red flags when it comes to the quality of the weld. When a weld is compromised, the joint will fail, well before the load reaches its maximum permitted values.

The recent recall of the Jeep Wrangler JL is an example of how bad welds can result in a loss not just for the consumer, but also for the company that sold the vehicle in the first place.

What does the market look for welders?

There is always a demand for skilled welders. Welders are undoubtedly one of the most paid tradesmen. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that by 2020, the demand for welders is going to rise by a whopping 26%.

And the most interesting part of becoming a welder is that you don’t need a college degree. A high school diploma along with on-the-job technical training is all you need.

It is optional to have a welding certificate as sometimes, companies will require you to have one.

How to make money with welding?

Welding is a skill-based job. The more skilled you are, the more opportunities that you are going to get.

The first step is to learn the basics thoroughly. The best way to learn the tricks of the trade is to be an apprentice to a skilled worker. You can learn from their experience, which will be invaluable in real-life welding works.

For welders, they can choose two different approaches when it comes to making money through welding. They can start their own business, or can work under a company.

With skilled welders in high demand, joining a company is the least hassle-free option.

Work under a company

Once you are on this career path, the options are many depending on your most preferred industries. Some of the industries where welders are in high demand are:

Manufacturing: Manufacturing of metallic parts often requires weld joints. We can also see large scale welding in electronics manufacturing where MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is used most of the time.

Automotive industry: The automotive industry uses welding to join parts of a vehicle. While simple welds are handled by robots today, complex welds still require the human touch.

The most common welding applications used in the automotive industry are resistance spot welding, MIG welding, Tungsten Inert Gas welding, etc.

Construction: Construction industry often requires welds of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Since the growth of construction and infrastructure are on the rise, the same effect is carried over to the requirement for welders.

Over 50% of global steel production is used in the construction industry alone. Multistory buildings require expert welders (mostly MIG and Flux-cored welders) to ensure that each metal structure is done with perfection.

Shipbuilding: Welding is used extensively in shipbuilding. Welding and rivets make up most of the structural joints in a ship, both commercial and private-owned.

Welding provides watertight and oil tight joints for ships, integral for their performance at sea. The three most common welding techniques used in shipbuilding are arc welding, gas welding, and resistance welding.

Aerospace: Aerospace welding involves joining parts that are used in aircraft or spacecraft. The joining techniques used in the aerospace industry largely depends on the type of application.

It is also the field where high-tech welding like electron beam welding and laser beam welding are used.

Setup your own workshop

The second career choice that you can make with welding is to open your own workshop. With such a setup, you can create your own inventions as well as complete projects that are specified by the clients.

Having commercial clients can bring you plenty of opportunities. The best thing about having your own workshop is that you have the freedom to work on projects that you desire.

Make the most out of your career by equally concentrating on completing your own creations as well as taking up client projects.

There are numerous projects that you can take up on your own that will yield income. You can sell these projects to customers, and the most economical approach is to target everyday items that come in handy for the customers.

Some of the common yet sales-worthy creations that you can make are tables and stool frames. Since the frames are made by metal, they are rugged and long-lasting.

Industrial furniture is another area where you can target to increase your client base.

Ultimately, you will gravitate towards the field where your interest as a welder lie. This can be in the field of furniture, arts, and crafts, automotive, and home utilities.

Follow your passion and create something of your own to stand out as a master welder.


Welding requires a certain amount of patience and concentration. Without having everything in the right order, welding can result in failure or even produce dangerous results.

If your passion lies in welding, start working on improving your skillset because the industry needs welders more than ever before. Be a master of the trade, and you will see projects pouring in with a hefty paycheck

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