A Shortage of Sticks Prompts Man to Build 'Stick Library' for Dog Park

The New Zealand man went with a library concept to encourage the return of these sanded and smoothed dog sticks.
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What's a dog without a good stick to chew on or fetch? 

That's exactly what a 59-year-old man asked himself when he found out there was a shortage of good sticks for his dog Bella to play with at the new dog park in Kaiapoi, New Zealand. 

Instead of bemoaning the travesty, Andrew Taylor took action into his own hands, creating a stick library.

His proud daughter took to Facebook to showcase his hard work in this video


Sticks were at the ready 

The man collected sticks from trimming trees near his house. He then sanded the sticks to make them smooth and crafted a box out of wood to hold the sticks.

Sticks collected
Sanded sticks for "Stick Library." Source: Tayla Taylor Facebook Screen Grab

After engraving his box with the title "Stick Library" his gift to the new dog park was ready to go. By calling it a "Stick Library" Taylor encouraged everyone to return the stick once they were done with it. 

A Shortage of Sticks Prompts Man to Build 'Stick Library' for Dog Park
Stick Library. Source: Tayla Taylor Facebook Screen Grab 

The library is a hit

The idea has been a hit with the local dog owners. “As people started to arrive, there was disbelief of how simple the idea was, but it’s one of those ideas no one had thought of," daughter Tayla Taylor said in a report. "All the dog owners appreciate it as they all have experienced the ‘good stick search’ which isn’t always fruitful, it’s an idea that just makes sense to them." 

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