A T-Rex Foot Garbage Can That is Unique in Every Aspect

The unique product comes with an assurance that no wildlife was harmed while making it.
Kashyap Vyas

You have probably never considered dumping your trash inside the foot of a T-Rex or a Tyrannosaurus Rex. However, the prop artist named Richard Riley behind the creation of this garbage can does not really care if you have ever felt the need for the existence of such a product.

He made one anyway! You can now buy this extravagant T-Rex Foot Garbage Can for a whole lot of money from Regal Robot.

The company’s product description page says, “This 100% faux taxidermy can function as a waste paper basket or (if you’d like to request customization) an umbrella or cane holder or even a planter.”

The description further reads, “Each dinosaur foot wastebasket will be hand finished like a theme park style prop. This means no two pieces will be exactly alike. Each sculpture is then hand painted with layers of aging and detail for a realistic appearance. This means we can tailor the coloration to your preference! Love classic green dinosaurs? Want a modern Tyrannosaurus Rex look? Or maybe go with bolder colors to create a bright red dragon foot? Our Custom Studio lets us tailor our creations to suit your needs!”

The company is selling this trash can for a whopping $649. Dinosaur feet do not come cheap on our planet where dinosaurs have been long extinct, and the whole idea of having something this artistic will definitely move many to add this to their expenses.

This extravagant and highly superfluous product was brought to the attention of people worldwide by io9. The illegal trade of wildlife is a massive issue that has led to the extinction of several species around the world at the hands of humanity.

A T-Rex Foot Garbage Can That is Unique in Every Aspect
Source: Regal Robot

However, when you buy this faux dragon foot wastebasket, you do not have to worry about getting busted by PETA or any other wildlife services. Dinosaurs are long gone, and this overpriced wastebasket is made from artificial materials such as foam and fiberglass.

Regal Robot is a famous company that is popular for its Star Wars Dewback Sofa priced at $10,000 that came out last year. They have now shifted their focus to dinosaurs and have customized this T-Rex garbage can with a one-of-a-kind paint job that looks like a dragon’s foot.


This dinosaur foot wastebasket is a tribute to the sequel of the Jurassic World movie that is scheduled to premiere next week.

Customization of this prehistoric wastebasket can also get you an umbrella holder, a cane holder, a fancy spittoon, a planter, etc. These themed pieces act as a functional decor for your home, bar, office or tavern.

There is a very good chance that you have never paid an exorbitant price of $649 for a garbage can before. However, you have also probably never had the opportunity to upgrade or refurbish your office with a piece of decor that came from an extinct species.