Bold Twitter account following Musk's jet was suspended, Update: Musk now suspends owners personal account

Jack Sweeney, the owner of @elonjet, fights back with another bold move.
Stephen Vicinanza
Elon Musk in a tux with a slight smile
Elon Musk in a tux with a slight smile

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The college age student that had been tracking the public flight plans for Elon Musk's jet had the Twitter account he was using permanently suspended, on Wednesday.

That Twitter account @elonjet had 500 thousand followers when it was shut down. Jack Sweeney who had devised the way to track the plane's travels through public flight records announced the ban this morning.

We had written about the young college student's fears that @elonjet would be suspended once Musk took hold of the reins of Twitter.

Since Musk took over the social media giant in October of 2022, he has been crowing to anyone who will listen that he is a free speech "absolutist." The billionaire, who now is the second richest man in the world losing his title just recently, had said in a Tweet that @elonjet was safe from suspension, even though it was a personal security risk.

There have been a number of positive statements from Sweeney about Musk, including the reason he had first started to track his plane. It was because he admired Elon Musk for starting Tesla and SpaceX. He also mentioned that his first car will be a Tesla, even with recent events.

There are a number of accounts that track the jets of billionaires, such as Gates, Bezos and even former president Trump. They are all running on Twitter and doing just fine.

Sweeney in statements to several news outlets, such as CNBC and CNN has said this move by Elon is a sign he is a hypocrite and will suffer the bad press that comes with that label.

In a bold move Sweeney has said he will probably track a number of planes of interest, from his other account on Twitter and might consider other platforms to track the planes of billionaires he admires.

Musk did not comment on the suspension, so far.

This is a developing story, updates will follow.

Update: Twitter has now suspended the personal account of Jack Sweeny the personal account of owner of the @elonjet account.

Musk has made no statement of why he suspended these accounts, nor how just a month ago he said the account @elonjet was safe from suspension.

Jack Sweeny is a college freshman, and has been following Musk's flight paths for some time.

This doesn't seem to be free speech, when flight tracking is completely public and not a private issue. There is no privacy for a jet plane, the flight plans and tracking are free to follow for anyone.

There does seem to be a great deal of censorship happening on Twitter, the use of hate speech is surging. The violent rhetoric is not far behind hate speech.

Twitter had been a place of unbridled anger and derision, and it had been reined in for some time, now it seems under Musk, to have returned to a place of misinformation and troubled minds.

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