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Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC) is the company that stands behind GoSleep. They placed 10 sleeping pods in Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 at the Abu Dhabi International Airport and it is expected to install another 35 later in 2013.

AD20130701567270-A_passenger_sit[Image Source: ADAC]

GoSleep pods have Finnish design that features sliding shade that isolates the customer from noise, light and crowds. This is, in fact, a compact chair that could be transformed into flat bed, providing the customer with top privacy level when used. The company plans to improve the sleeping pod by providing access to the internet, secure storage for luggage will be included, and the customer will be able to charge devices such as a laptop, mobile phone, tablet, etc. The client could use GoSleep for 12.25$ per hour. Passengers can pay via a credit card.

8009_2_L[Image Source: ADAC]

Mohammed Al Bulooki, Chief Commercial Officer of ADAC, said: “Abu Dhabi Airports Company continually strives to enhance the experience of passengers travelling to, from or via Abu Dhabi International Airport. The introduction of ‘GoSleep’ sleeping pods is another step towards exceeding customers’ expectations and delivering world-class levels of service. Abu Dhabi Airports Company is proud that it is the first airport in the world to have secured an agreement to install the very latest passenger experience that embraces the latest technology.”

sleep-pods-in-abu-dhabi-airport[Image Source: ADAC]

Al Bulooki said also that ADAC was awarded with Skytrax 4 rating, which made the company first in the Middle East with such achievement. Another event that made Mohammed al Bulooki proud is that the Abu Dhabi International Airport was called ‘the Best Airport in the Middle East’ by Airport Council International.


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