AI Dungeon 2 Is Here With Its Infinitely Generated World

A first of its kind, AI Dungeon 2 is a text generated adventure.
Fabienne Lang

Imagine a game where your world infinitely creates itself, you can keep exploring tirelessly, and continuously experience new content and adventures. 

Welcome to AI Dungeon 2, developed by Nick Walton who creates AI-generated adventures. 

The icing on the cake, the game also enables players to select any action they desire, without being constricted to what the developers created. 


AI Dungeon 2

This is a one-of-a-kind AI-generated text adventure that took Walton "hundreds of hours" to complete. 

It uses a 1.5 GB parameter machine learning model that's called GPT-2, which enables AI Dungeon 2 to generate the story and the results of each player's actions as they play in the virtual reality. 

Almost every other game that exists to date limits players' actions by what the developer built. So long as you can express it in language, you can then create the action in AI Dungeon 2 and the AI dungeon master then decides what happens to you in that world. 

You can learn more about how AI Dungeon 2 here.

Gamers' reactions have been excited worldwide, as can be seen on sites such as Reddit.

Many have been posting on Twitter about their sheer thrill over AI Dungeon 2: 

The idea of having no more constraints is getting some people very excited: 

Pure happiness: 


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