Al Bayt Stadium is one of 12 venues planned for 2022 World Cup in Qatar

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We have only just finished with the 2014 World Cup a couple of weeks ago and now thoughts and plans have turned to not only the 2018 World Cup but the 2022 World Cup - at least in Qatar. Qatar won the bid to host the event in 2022 and they have come up with designs for 12 stadiums of which one, the Al Bayt Stadium, is going to be modelled around a traditional nomadic tent and will be designed with a removeable top tier.


[Image Source: Qatar Supreme Committee]

There have been some unusual ideas arising from Qatar's bid for for the flagship event of FIFA in 2022. We heard about a solar powered stadium idea along with using man made clouds to provide the visitors with shade. However, the stadiums do seem to be the real deal and leave us in anticipation for their fruition if successful.


[Image Source: Qatar Supreme Committee]

We have already seen the Al Wakrah stadium; this is located outside of Doha to the south and holds 40,000 people. The Al Bayt stadium is proposed to have a capacity of 60,000 and it will be built with energy efficient measures along with green materials. It was also said that the stadium and the precinct around it has been designed to generate renewable energy to help reduce its carbon footprint.


[Image Source: Qatar Supreme Committee]

The stadium will of course be made to the level stipulated by FIFA and will host football games straight through to the semi-final of the World Cup. The design for the stadium and surrounding area came from the Bayt Al Sha`ar, a type of tent that was used by nomads in the Qatar region. The exterior of the stadium will be black and white striped while the interior will be patterned and coloured red in the fashion of a Bayt Al Sha`ar. It will offer spaces for relaxing, eating and drinking, with the stadium reflecting the hospitality that is typically associated with Bayt Al Sha`ar.

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[Image Source: Qatar Supreme Committee]

The upper tier of the football stadium is going to be removable and after the 2022 World Cup the capacity of it is going to be reduced to around 32, 000. The plan is to re-use the seating that is taken away by donating it for use in other countries.


[Image Source: Qatar Supreme Committee]


[Image Source: Qatar Supreme Committee]

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