Amazon's Echo Buds earbuds take on Apple's AirPods with $50 price tag

In the competitive world of wireless earbuds, Amazon has set its sights on Apple's AirPods with the introduction of the all-new Echo Buds.
Abdul-Rahman Oladimeji Bello
Amazon's 2nd Gen Echo Buds
Amazon's 2nd Gen Echo Buds


In the world of wireless earbuds, Apple's AirPods have reigned supreme for quite some time. But it seems that Amazon is ready to challenge that dominance with its latest offering: the all-new Echo Buds. 

Priced at an affordable $50, these wireless earbuds are taking aim at Apple's basic AirPods, offering a simpler design and a price that Apple may find hard to match.

If you're familiar with Amazon's previous attempt at wireless earbuds, you might remember that they didn't quite hit the mark. However, their 2021 follow-up garnered positive reviews, thanks to impressive sound quality, solid active noise cancellation (ANC), and a competitive starting price of $120. 

Now, two years later, Amazon has given the Echo Buds a complete makeover to directly compete with Apple's AirPods.

New features

One notable change in the new Echo Buds is the shift from an in-ear design with silicone tips to a semi-in-ear design. This new design not only enhances comfort but also allows ambient sounds to be heard naturally.

In contrast, the previous generation Echo Buds relied on silicone tips to provide a secure fit and effective noise cancellation. Apple's AirPods, on the other hand, lack ANC altogether.

One common complaint from AirPods users is their tendency to fall out of ears. Amazon has addressed this issue with the new Echo Buds by including pre-installed silicone covers on each earbud. 

These covers provide extra grip and can be easily removed and washed as needed, ensuring a snug fit and cleanliness.

While the Echo Buds may not offer stellar battery life, they come with a few noteworthy features. With the advanced features turned off, users can enjoy up to six hours of music playback from the buds' 12-millimeter drivers. 

Pairing them occasionally with the charging case allows for a total of 20 hours of usage. It's worth mentioning that wireless charging, which was offered as a premium feature in the previous generation, is not included this time. Additionally, Amazon has decided not to provide a USB-C cable with the new Echo Buds.

Despite these limitations, the Echo Buds still offer some advanced capabilities. Users can conveniently summon Amazon's voice assistant, Alexa, without having to press any buttons. However, this comes at the cost of an hour of battery life. 

The new Echo Buds also support Siri and Google Assistant, although activating them requires a quick button tap. Another useful feature is the multipoint device connectivity. It allows users to seamlessly switch between two different devices without diving into Bluetooth settings each time.

With its latest offering, Amazon is clearly aiming to make a splash in the wireless earbuds market.