Amazon Web Services Makes Quantum Computing More Accessible

Braket enables scientists and developers to get hands-on experience with quantum computing.
Donna Fuscaldo

Almost a decade after Amazon teased the idea of Quantum computing in the cloud, the company is making it a reality with the launch of Amazon Braket. 

The new service enables scientists, researchers, and developers to write quantum algorithms and run them on quantum computers. Through the managed service, users can experiment with computers by different quantum hardware providers in one place.  The service provides access to quantum computers from D-Wave, lonQ, and Rigetti.


Quantum computing not mainstream...yet 

Jeff Barr, Chief Evangelist for AWS said that while quantum computing isn't mainstream today it will be over time. Amazon wants to be a major player and thus the launch of the service. 

"If you have been in IT for any length of time, you know that Moore’s Law has brought us to the point where it possible to manufacture memory chips that store 2 tebibytes (as I write this) on a thumb drive. The physical and chemical processes that make this possible are amazing and well worth studying," wrote Barr in a blog post.

"Unfortunately, these processes do not apply directly to the manufacture of devices that contain qubits; as I write this, the largest gated-based quantum computers contain about 50 qubits. These computers are built on several different technologies, but seem to have two attributes in common: they are scarce, and they must be run in carefully controlled physical environments."

AWS wants to be a big player in quantum computing in the cloud 

In addition to offering Amazon Braket, AWS is launching the Center for Quantum Computing, which is a research center adjacent to the California Institute of Technology that will bring together the leading quantum computing researchers and engineers in one place to accelerate quantum computing hardware and software development.

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Barr also announced the Amazon Quantum Solutions Lab, which is a new program that will hook AWS customers up with quantum computing experts from Amazon. AWS will also work with a handful of consultants to provide quantum computing advice to its customers. 

"Our goal is to make sure you know enough about quantum computing to start looking for some appropriate use cases and conducting some tests and experiments. We want to build a solid foundation that is firmly rooted in reality, and to work with you to move into a quantum-powered future," Barr wrote in the blog post.

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