Amazon's New HQ2 Design Focuses on Sustainability

Nature is the name of the game for the renewable energy-based headquarters.
Fabienne Lang
Amazon's HQ2 and The HelixAmazon

On Tuesday, Amazon shared its HQ2 development plans for the second phase of the project in Arlington County, Virginia — and they're nothing short of a dreamy work environment. 

Nature is the focal point for the new development designed by architectural firm NBBJ. The hope is to foster creativity and innovation thanks to its open and active workspaces. 

And when nature's involved, so is sustainability — another big focus for HQ2's development. 

New HQ2 will be sustainability-focused

HQ2 will house three 22-story buildings designed to be LEED Platinum, the highest certification for a sustainable development issued by the U.S. Green Building Council, explained Amazon in a statement.

There will also be an all-electric central heating and cooling system that runs on 100% renewable energy gathered from a solar farm in Pittsylvania County in southern Virginia. These plans go hand in hand with the company's Climate Pledge to switch to be net-zero carbon by 2040. 

Amazon's New HQ2 Design Focuses on Sustainability
The main green will be large enough to host outdoor events. Source: Amazon

The pièce de résistance, however, is The Helix, the headquarter's centerpiece building shaped like a double helix. The unique building will have two walkable paths that spiral up the sides filled with local greenery and gardens. Workers and visitors alike will be able to enjoy these striking paths, with public tours offered a few weekends a month for everyone to enjoy. 

Amazon's New HQ2 Design Focuses on Sustainability
The Helix will have outdoor spiraling green spaces to walk up and down. Source: Amazon

HQ2 won't just be all work and no play, though. Over 2.5 acres of the area will be dedicated to outer spaces available for visitors to enjoy as much as workers. The main green will be big enough to host concerts, markets, and outdoor cinemas. 

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In keeping with its green outlook, the entire headquarters will be a car-free zone. All vehicles will circulate beneath the ground, even docking, and deliveries will take place underground.

Amazon's New HQ2 Design Focuses on Sustainability
Space above the ground will be vehicle-free. Source: Amazon

The project has been on the go for two years, and Amazon hopes to gain approval by the end of the year. Wouldn't you want to work in such a green haven?

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