Americans Wear Dirty Masks, per Survey

The results might just make you think twice before leaving your house.
Deniz Yildiran
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There are times we get too lazy to do things, but keeping healthy shouldn't be one of them.

A recent and unbiased survey commissioned by Livinguard has unearthed 1,006 US citizens' habits of using facemasks against COVID-19. We warn you that the results may appear shocking and make you want to think twice before leaving your house. 

A single-use mask, as the name suggests, can be used once then gets out of one's way. But the survey shows that nearly 7 in 10 Americans seem to reuse those disposable masks. And that's quite a number to spread enough virus all around. 


All the masks being developed to offer better protection might end up doing us no good if we don't decide to keep clean for ourselves. 

Surely, there are people who think in a way that is economic-wise, and 46% of them prefer reusable cloth masks and wash them daily or after each use. Sadly, 43% wash their pieces weekly, while 8% don't even bother to do so at all. 

On the other hand, given that 1 in 3 citizens believed the numbers were exaggerated back in July, the recent definitely proves some changed their minds on it. That is to be said, the virus is out there waiting for us, even to catch us for a second time.

52% of Americans indicated they were likely to continue wearing a face mask even after the pandemic is over for good, per the recent survey. And 46% of them are not sure if their current masks are even protective. 

The question lingers in our minds every day: will the pandemic ever end? The answer is still not precisely predicted. But one thing's for sure: it messed us all up in many ways and we will need a long time to recover. 


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