An Online Game Lets You Spend Elon Musk's $196 Billion On Luxury Stuff

What would you buy?
Ameya Paleja

Elon Musk might be a CEO without a salary but his current net worth would pretty much make anybody give up their salary if there was an exchange on offer. Luckily, an online game lets you spend all that money and even go ahead and splurge it all on luxury items that didn't even make it to your 'Treat Yourself' list. What's more, it does not ask for your salary in return either.

Earlier this year, we saw a similar game featuring Jeff Bezos. However, in less than nine months, their fortunes have changed rapidly. Although Bezos saw gains in his personal worth, it is the meteoric rise of Musk's worth that made Bezos' growth look small. Unlike Musk though, you do not need to work for two decades to become the richest person in the world in this game.

Instead, you have it all sorted for you in a digital wallet ready where you can go bananas over $1 banana or splurge it on high-end cars, just like Musk. Unlike Musk, you also have the option to buy yourself a space shuttle engine instead of hoping that the Raptor engines fire on time, making you risk losing it all

The game isn't original even after you consider that Jeff Bezos' name in the title has been replaced. Earlier in May, CNBC reported a similar game that also used Musk's name in the title. It was also challenging since you had to blow off over $160 billion in 30 seconds or less. The point of the game isn't to see how quickly you can click and buy, rather see the sheer amounts of wealth these people have amassed that you can't even spend it all even if you had all the power in the world to do so. 

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