This Angry Guy Used Google Earth to Get the Ultimate Revenge on His Neighbor

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Have you ever came across something bizarre while scrolling through Google Street View? This might have inspired one pretty angry guy to exact some very sweet revenge on his neighbor using the power of Google Earth.  

Someone in Sequim, Washington has mowed “AHOLE” into their lawn so big it's clear from Google Earth. The truly genius revenge message was first spotted by the internet loving redditors, who it seems then did some digging on the whole caper.

This Angry Guy Used Google Earth to Get the Ultimate Revenge on His Neighbor

[Image Source: Reddit]

According to Reddit users, the quarrel between the neighbors goes back several years. It seems the tiff began when the alleged “AHOLE” built a multi-car garage, topped by an apartment. To top off the ugly structure they then painted the whole thing bright purple. This architectural masterpiece caused our revengers to request the county for property tax relief. They claimed their own property was devalued by the purple eyesore. One neighbor in the area, apparently regularly describes the garage/house as “ the purple people-eater.” Yet another neighbor fondly describes it as Barney the Dinosaur.

When exactly the lawn mowing was completed is unknown. Google Maps date it to be done between 2011 and 2013. We are not sure if the warring neighbors have resolved the fight, or if there were other attempts at revenge, but the very obvious message is still visible today.

Bizarre sightings on Google Earth

Google Maps was designed as a C++ desktop program by two Danish engineers, before being bought up by Google in 2004. The web mapping service includes maps with various layer views like satellite (what you’ll need to have enabled to see the lawn mowed insult).

Google Maps also include street view and the much-loved route planning tool. The high-resolution images for the satellite view are taken by low flying aircraft. The planes fly at distances 80-1500 feet above the Earth. Most other map views are taken by actual satellites but using planes give Google the ability to provide super crisp imagery. There are over 700 Google employees dedicated to the mapping service worldwide.

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Internet junkies are obsessed with finding weird stuff on Google satellite maps and street view. There are endless lists available detailing all the documented finds.  

Some people even go to the effort to stage weird stunts to be captured by the Google Maps street view car. There have been fake births caught on the cameras and these two crazy dudes from Norway, who waited patiently for the car to pass before chasing it down wearing scuba outfits and brandishing pitchforks. Other memorable stunts include a creepy looking shot, that appears to be a naked man climbing in or out of the trunk of a convertible. With an apparent dead looking dog lying in front of the car. Luckily the myth of a sexual kidnapping has been debunked. Apparently, all that is happening is the German man in question is changing the lamp of his taillights. In the middle of summer, hence the lack of attire, and the dog is still alive and kicking, just caught in a particularly hot moment having a lie-down.

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