Animated Google Doodle Honors the Creator of Nachos: Ignacio Anaya García

Born 124 years ago on August 15, 'Nacho' from Mexico invented the nachos we all know and love today.
Fabienne Lang

At some point in life, you've most likely ordered a plate of nachos either in a restaurant or at a football game, savoring the melted cheese, spicy jalapeño peppers, and crunchy tortilla chips.

But did you know that the creator of this tasty Mexican dish was born 124 years ago today on August 15th, 1895?

His name was Ignacio Anaya García, nicknamed 'Nacho.'


Google paid tribute to his delicious invention by creating an animated Google Doodle, drawn by Mexico City-based artist Alfonso de Anda, in his honor. 

How did García come up with the idea for nachos?

It was 1943, and García was working as Maître d' in a popular restaurant called the Victoria Club, in a Mexican border town to the U.S., Piedras Negras

When a group of American soldiers' wives, whose husbands were stationed in Piedras Negras, showed up at the restaurant asking for a snack, García was stuck. None of his chefs were there yet. 

Animated Google Doodle Honors the Creator of Nachos: Ignacio Anaya García
Concept sketches of the Google Doodle by Alfonso de Anda. Source: Google

So, taking matters into his own hands, he went to the kitchen and took what he saw from the pantry: Wisconsin cheese, jalapeño peppers, and tortilla chips. 

He melted the cheese onto the chips and sliced up the peppers before serving the tasty snack to the hungry women. 

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He called it: Nachos Especiales (special nachos). 

Word spread, the nacho dish took off, even ending up in an American cookbook as early as 1949, just six years after his creation. 

It's now been 76 years since nachos were invented, and they are a worldwide-known snack, much to everyone's delight. 

García decided not to patent the dish to his name, supposedly saying, "It's just a snack to keep my customers happy and well-fed."

However humble he may be, his name has now gone down in history. Today, the town of Piedras Negras hosts the International Nacho Festival each year in October, in García's honor.

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