Ansys Simulation World 2021 is About to Happen

The virtual conference that every engineer virtually dreamed of.
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Created: 3/17/2021

We have great news for engineers — It’s time to experience the finest real-world simulations and learn digital disruption capitalization strategies from the experts of the field. Ansys Simulation World 2021, the world’s largest engineering simulation event, will take place again this April.

Attendance is free, and you don't need to worry about picking the best seat since this will be a virtual conference. The very first conference, Ansys Simulation World 2020, which was also done virtually, was a great success with more than 20,000 attendees, 296 technical presentations, and keynote talks. 

This year, you can join Ansys April 20-21 (Americas and Europe, the Middle East and Africa) and April 21-22 (Asia-Pacific) to make yourself familiar with how some of the world’s biggest companies from industries such as aerospace and defense, transportation, energy, and consumer goods are using simulation to address engineering challenges.

Ansys is making sure that the conference will be up to date with the latest meeting software so that nobody will have any problems with connection. While preparing for your attendance, you can check the schedule beforehand to make sure you can attend all of the talks you want.

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Network with your colleagues

In addition to being a great learning opportunity, Ansys Simulation World 2021 can also be highly beneficial for those who want to meet other engineers. You will be able to easily network with other attendees through the meeting spaces. Moreover, you will get to meet fellow engineers and designers from global engineering companies, mid-sized companies, and maverick startups.

You can effortlessly communicate with your colleagues worldwide through interactive chat features in the virtual conference. Feel free to ask them any questions you have in your mind, and don't forget to add new connections to your professional network.

Get to know the latest products

Do you want to learn about the latest products of different industries? If that's the case, you'll be at the right place. Because, despite being a virtual experience, the conference will have vendors, to whom you can ask about any product that you want.

Ansys Simulation World 2021 is About to Happen
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The event is being organized in a way that will give you the whole conference experience, despite being a virtual one.

Learn from the pioneers

The innovators from diverse fields such as automotive, semiconductor, healthcare, aerospace, and additive manufacturing will be there to convey their leading experiences on digital transformation.

Experts from the pioneering companies and institutions —Microsoft, Intel, and NASA, to name a few— from various industries will show you how they apply simulations to solve the most enigmatic engineering challenges. You can take a look at the featured speakers from here.

Keynote speakers will update you on the state of key industrial sectors, their future prospects, and methods of applying simulations to real-world engineering challenges.

So, get ready to enhance your skills in your field, because Ansys's partners and experts will be delivering you the most useful tips in key issues such as production design, development workflow, and maximizing your efficiency. 

Simulations to learn and challenge yourself 

Simulations are crucial in improving your skills as an engineer in the face of many possible challenges, setbacks, and false starts. This is why Simulation World 2021 offers you an extremely valuable experience and will enable you to learn solutions aligned with the top megatrends in engineering simulations. 

Ansys Simulation World 2021 is About to Happen
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Meanwhile, you will be learning practical and strategic information to apply and advance digital transformation via five technical tracks:

  1. Autonomy: Includes autonomous sensor and hardware development, autonomous software development, autonomous system design, and autonomous system validation presentations.
  2. 5G Connectivity: Features topics such as high-bit-rate system design, end-user equipment design, base station, microcell design, and integration.
  3. Electrification: Covers electric machine design and development, battery design and development, electrified powertrain systems integration, power electronics, and more.
  4. Digital Transformation: Applied: Reveals how organizations use simulation to deliver innovation while accelerating time to market and mitigating risk. Shows how organizations use simulation to deliver innovation while accelerating time to market and mitigating risk. This will include organizations from various industries, including automotive and ground transportation, aerospace and defense, healthcare, industrial equipment, high-tech, sports, consumer products, and material and chemical processes.
  5. Digital Transformation: Accelerated: Helps organizations amplify simulation via engineering productivity and collaboration, cloud computing, and high-performance computing (HPC), product design and development strategies, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML), and an Integrated Internet of Things (IIOT) approach.

You will work with product design and development teams while you experience your simulation journey. And it doesn't matter if you are just a beginner in simulation. This is a great place to start!

If you are experienced in simulations, there will be many new challenges waiting for you to overcome as well. No matter your skillset, Simulation World 2021 will inspire and inform you all the same. 

Professional tracks

In addition to the technical tracks, the event will also include professional tracks such as Executive Track, Leadership Track, and Academia Track, where experts of such fields will inform you on how simulations could be applied and used in different fields and levels of businesses, as well as their benefits for students and our planet in general. 

For example, during the Executive Track, executive speakers from organizations that employ simulation will show their C-Level colleagues the benefits of using simulation for their businesses.

Ansys Simulation World 2021 is About to Happen
Source: Simulation World 2021

During the Leadership Track, the speakers will explain how simulations can help to transform our planet by addressing key topics such as sustainability, business transformation, diversity and inclusion, and the post-COVID-19 business environment.

And finally, the speakers in the Academia Track will talk about how to prepare students and to conduct research by effectively integrating simulation and materials education tools into coursework and projects.

There is a lot more to discover from the expertise of the Simulation World 2021 presenters about finite element analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD), electronics, semiconductors, embedded software, design optimization, and multi-domain mission-level software.

Regardless of your occupation or interests, this is the perfect opportunity for those who want to learn and improve themselves. Make sure you attend on time, according to your region: 

April 20-21 (Americas and Europe, the Middle East and Africa), and April 21-22 (Asia-Pacific)

Simulation World 2021 is waiting for you with priceless opportunities and experiences. You can visit the event page for further detail. 

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