Stop lunch thieves with the Anti-Theft Lunch Bags

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Have you ever taken sandwiches to work and stored them in the fridge only to find at lunchtime a lunch thief has been around and stolen them? Perhaps you have children who take a packed lunch and other kids steal it or bullies take it from them? Well you could put an end to this with a very clever little invention from They have come up with Anti-Theft Lunch Bags that make your freshly prepared sandwich look as though it’s been in the bag for about a month and gone mouldy.


[Image Source: Thinkofthe]

The Anti-Theft Lunch Bags are plastic zipper bags that despite their appearance will keep your sandwiches fresh until its lunch time. The bags have been designed with green splotches on both sides to give the appearance that the sandwich inside is well past its sell by date. Of course with the bags looking so realistic it might not only put thieves off stealing and eating your sandwiches, it may also put you off too.


[Image Source: Thinkofthe]

You can pick up the Anti-Theft Lunch Bags from PerpetualKid for a price tag of $4.99 for 20 bags. Bags are 7.25 inches in length by 7.25 inches wide and each bag has fake mould imprinted on both sides of the bag and feature a zipper style lock to make sure that your sandwich doesn’t actually go mouldy before you are ready to eat it. Just hope that the person who was going to steal your sandwich doesn’t take it out of the fridge and put it in the bin.

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