Apple Announces 'One More Thing' Event for Nov. 10, Could Debut Arm-Based Macs

Apple made a surprise announcement of an upcoming Nov. 10 event, likely to debut arm-based Macs.
Brad Bergan

Apple has declared another upcoming event — called "One More Thing" — scheduled for Nov. 10, which will likely see the company announce its first Arm-based Macs running on Apple Silicon chips instead of the Intel processors the company included across its suite of products since 2005, according to Apple's official events page.

The event will stream live on Nov. 10 at 1:00 PM EST.


Apple announces 'One More Thing' event, streaming Nov. 10

The "One More Thing" betrays Apple's "no big deal" convention of naming — a common language style of former CEO Steve Jobs — for keynotes about major product announcements. The last time Apple used the modest-sounding phrase was for the iPhoneX announcement in 2017, The Verge reports.

UPDATE Nov. 2, 2:50 PM EST: Company claims Arm-based Apple chips will work better than Intel's

Apple initially announced intentions to leave the Intel processors behind in favor of its proprietary Apple Silicon CPUs in June during the WWDC — declaring the first computers using Arm-based chips would come out later this year.

The switch is moving forward for the same reasons it switched to Intel chips in 2005 — Apple claims it will achieve better performance with lower power consumption, thanks to its proprietary Arm-based design, than it can using Intel's processors.

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UPDATE Nov. 2, 3:00 PM EST: Apple also likely to unveil macOS 11 Big Sur

Rumors abound suggesting Apple will begin with a MacBook of some kind to run its early Arm computer. But the company has ambitions to install Apple chips for every product in its growing lineup — from laptops to full-package desktops, reports The Verge.

In addition to new Macs, we'll likely also see the launch of macOS 11 Big Sur — initially announced at WWDC and months deep into beta testing. Until the event streams live on Nov. 10, all we can do is wait for the next big Apple event, which seem to have increased in frequency this year.

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