Apple Designer Creates Mesmerizing $12,000 Hourglass Filled With Nanoballs

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World acclaimed and influential designer Marc Newson crafted an esoteric hourglass that resonates artistic and engineering brilliance. A piece of art that doesn't require anyone's validation and which draws you into its world of infinite and timeless dimension. This limited edition timekeeper is available through Hodinkee at a premium of $12,000Esoteric hourglass by Marc Newson

[Image Source: HODINKEE]

How to create a timeless dimension

Apart from measuring out 10 minutes per dripping side (completely made-up unit of measurement), Newson's Hourglass is far from ordinary compared to other timekeepers of its kind. The entirety of the hourglass is shrouded with technical attributes making it an unprecedented piece of art.

Introducing: The Marc Newson Hourglass For HODINKEE from HODINKEE on Vimeo.

Standing at a height of 150 mm and stretching 125 mm across, the Hourglass was crafted using hand-blown borosilicate glass (also known as Pyrex), which is a clear, see-through material that is stronger than crystal. Shaping up the glass form was done completely by eye so that measuring devices won't interrupt the hot glass.

Crafting the special hourglass

[Image Source: HODINKEE]

Instead of using sand to let time pass by, this special hourglass is filled with a type of material called 'nanoballs'. There are approximately 1,249,996 nanoballs inside the hourglass, which are only 0.6 mm in diameter. Made from solid stainless steel, each of these dust-size balls is coated with fine copper as well as a layer of anti-corrosion to prevent them from turning green. If you take an up-close look, the balls will reveal their seamless nature making the flow of time smooth and won't cause any friction between themselves. Moreover, their material configuration won't scratch the internal surface of the glass. And because these nanoballs are made of stainless steel, they make a unique dripping sound as they bounce off the empty side of the clear glass.

Nanoballs fills up the hourglass

[Image Source: HODINKEE]

The combined weight of the 1 million plus nanoballs is at a whopping 1.1 kg and the total weight of the whole piece is 1.5 kg. Each of the hourglass made, and will be made, are branded with both Marc Newson's Signature and the HODINKEE logo using heat. HODINKEE will only be producing 100 Hourglass making it an exclusive timepiece, where each piece is numbered starting from "1 of 100".

Hodinkee hourglass designed by Marc Newson

[Image Source: HODINKEE]

By paying a deposit of $6,000 from the HODINKEE website, you will be securing your Hourglass piece and the remaining $6,000 will be paid before the product is shipped to your location. The Hourglass timepiece requires special crafting skills and ample time in order to make a quality version, that is why HODINKEE is making the 100 pieces over a period of months. As each of the timepieces is unique, the plug to seal the glass may slightly vary between pieces.

Hourglass dripping with nanoballs

[Image Source: HODINKEE]

Marc Newson is an award-winning Australian designer behind many iconic product designs such as the Apple Watch, Louis Vuitton's rolling luggage, Jaeger-LeCoultre's Atmos 566, the Qantas Skybed, and many others. The Hourglass is also available with gold or silver nanoballs but is not an exclusive HODINKEE Commission - click here to have a look.

You can secure your Hourglass here and if you'd like to discover more cool designs by Marc Newson, you can visit his website here.


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