Apple Legally Goes After Startup Over Their 'Pear' Logo

Apple is supposedly saying the logos are too similar and has taken legal action against the meal prep startup.
Fabienne Lang
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Imagine being a small company just trying to keep your business going and minding your own business when suddenly a large corporation comes over and takes legal action against you for having a logo that's too similar to theirs. 

That's what Prepear is allegedly going through, and Apple is the big company going after them, as per 9 to 5 Mac and MacRumors.

Their 'mistake'? Prepear's logo is a pear, which Apple says is too similar to its fruit-inspired logo.

From food prep to lawsuit

Prepear is an app and service that offers advice on meal prep and for people to find new recipes to cook. The company is a spin-off of the food blog Super Healthy Kids

iPhone in Canada was the first to report on the rumors and stated "According to the founders (of Prepear), Apple "has opposed the trademark application for our small business, Prepear, demanding that we change our obviously pear-shaped logo, used to represent our brand in the recipe management and meal planning business."

Prepear has explained that it won't back down or be intimated by the big tech giant. With a team of only five, the company has already had to let go of one team member due to the legal costs involved in the matter. Even though this is a big blow, they're adamant they won't be dispirited. 

Prepear explained that "It is a very terrifying experience to be legally attacked by one of the largest companies in the world, even when we have clearly done nothing wrong, and we understand why most companies just give in and change their logos."

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The company's team has started a petition to help it in the fight against Apple, you can check it out at

On their petition site, Prepear wrote that they "feel a moral obligation to take a stand against Apple’s aggressive legal action against small businesses and fight for the right to keep our logo. We are defending ourselves against Apple not only to keep our logo, but to send a message to big tech companies that bullying small businesses has consequences."

Currently, the petition has garnered 23,152 signatures with the numbers only increasing every minute. It has moved its goal from 13,000 up to 25,000 signatures.

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