Apple Partners with Malala Fund to Support Girls’ Education in Latin America

Malala met with young Apple developers to discuss their role in creating educational opportunities.
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Apple have just announced that they're expanding the scope of their partnership with the Malala Fund to support education for girls in Latin America. The new stage of their collaboration will see students from Apple's 10 Developer Academies in Brazil work on developing apps to help provide secondary education to young girls across the continent.

The Malala Fund was founded in 2013 by Nobel Prize laureate and education advocate, Malala Yousafzai, and her father, Ziauddin. The non-profit organization works to give girls all over the world access to free, safe, quality education for 12 years. Through their Gulmaki Network of activists and teachers, the organization has brought educational opportunities to girls in Afghanistan, India, Lebanon, Nigeria, Pakistan and Turkey.

Over the past five years, the Apple Developer Academy program in Brazil has educated over 3,000 students. Currently, roughly 500 students are enrolled in the program in Brasilia, Campinas, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Manaus, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. The program is a massive benefit to the country's young developer community, 75 of which have become scholarship winners at this year's Worldwide Developer Conference in San Jose, California.

Apple became the fund's first Laureate partner in January of this year, allowing the Gulmakai Network to double the number of grants they can award to educational effort. Apple's collaboration with the fund also provided much-needed funding for new educational programs in India and Latin America, with an initial goal of giving 100,000 girls access to secondary educational opportunities.

Apple Partners with Malala Fund to Support Girls’ Education in Latin America
Source: Apple

Malala visited Apple's young developers at the Apple Developer Academy in Rio yesterday, where they discussed the role that developers and technology will play in providing crucial education opportunities for girls across the world. As part of their efforts, the developers will work on apps for the Malala Fund, as well as devising new ways to support the global Gulmakai Network. They aim to develop a platform where the network can communicate and share information safely.

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Speaking to the Rio Developer Academy yesterday, Malala explained, "By tapping into Apple’s network of student developers, Malala Fund will gain access to new tools to support our mission of free, safe, quality education. The students in Apple’s Developer Academy program share my passion for improving the world around us, and I am eager to see their innovative ideas to help girls in Brazil and across the globe.”

In addition to the projects planned by the 10 Apple Developer Academies across Latin America, Apple is also providing grants for local education advocates in Brazil. 

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, spoke about Apple's dedication to working with the fund, stating, "Apple has been committed to education since day one, and we can’t wait to see what our creative student developers come up with to help Malala Fund make a difference for girls around the world.”

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