Artist Illegally Creates Giant Mural Across City

Trevor English

One artist has taken graffiti to a whole new level and turned an entire Egyptian town into his canvas. At first glance, and from most viewpoints, the work looks simply like a bunch of indistinct murals spread across many buildings. It is only when you stand on the nearby hillside that the text become readable, which says, "if one wants to see the light of the sun, he must wipe his eyes" according to Tech Insider. The piece is titled 'Perception' and it aims to make the world rethink what opinions are developed of a person based upon their circumstances.

EGYPT STREET paint artist[Image Source: eL Seed]

The artist and a team of workers took weeks to complete the massive painting, and they had to carry out the whole endeavor in secrecy in the community of Manshiyat Nasr in Cairo, Egypt. Egyptian laws strictly forbids artistic expression, but that did not stop artist eL Seed from creating this stunning work of art. Besides the artistic talent demonstrated in the piece, there was also a significant amount of planning that was driven towards making sure everything was lined up just right. Each building was numbered and the designs were placed accordingly as the team worked tirelessly with bottles of spray paint.

The community where eL Seed and his team worked is looked down upon by locals as they are mainly those who collect trash from the surrounding city. According to the artist, the community loved and accepted him as one of their own, further exemplifying the meaning of the work of art.

We may often develop notions about who a person is based on where they live, or what they come from. This urban graffiti brings beauty to an otherwise forgotten town, and it brings light to an otherwise forgotten people.

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