Artisan Creates Mechanical Keyboard with 61 Food-Themed Keycaps

This keyboard that actually works will most certainly make you drool.
Derya Ozdemir

Surfing the internet can be a daunting experience with all the delicious foods and recipes going around, especially if you're on a diet. Well, artisan keycap maker Tiny has created a specially designed mechanical keyboard that you can use to neutralize your hunger by having everything you could ever want to eat just under the tip of your fingers. Or beware, it could do the exact opposite by making you feel hungry every time you press a certain food that especially tickles your fancy.

The above keyboard full of delicious food keycaps that you see is called "Smorgasboard". It is definitely a mouthful to say, but sadly, it is not edible, as you'd imagine. After 11 months of blood and tears shed over making this keyboard possible, she finally shared the finished product on social media, complete with 61 food-themed keycaps.


The project took almost one year to create

Tiny is especially active on TikTok where she documented the process of making the project possible over a course of almost one year. On a call with Gizmodo, she stated that the keyboard was "more of an art project to showcase the craft of custom keycaps, and not necessarily a fully functional keyboard."

Artisan Creates Mechanical Keyboard with 61 Food-Themed Keycaps
Source: tiny/YouTube

The 61 keycaps are completely hand-crafted and designed to fit the letter or symbol they were replacing. Tiny made them with polymer clay, resin, and in some cases, a mix of both, completing one or two keycaps per week.

The picked foods have logic behind them

The food keyboard might look complicated when you first see it, but it actually has logic behind it. A stack of waffles that you see at the top left stand for "W" and the avocado for "A".

Artisan Creates Mechanical Keyboard with 61 Food-Themed Keycaps
Source: tinymakesthings

However, she of course had to take some artistic liberty with some of the symbols since they didn't have direct equivalents. For example, the period key is represented with a chocolate bar, since women usually crave chocolate when they are on their "period." It's a cool pun, period.

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Artisan Creates Mechanical Keyboard with 61 Food-Themed Keycaps
Source: tinymakesthings

You might be thinking typing on this thing would be a pain, but in this video where Tiny does a typing test with the keyboard, she manages to write 58 words per minute, which is actually not so bad.

It's not for sale

But if you're getting excited about owning one yourself, you might want to stop before you get too hopeful. Tiny told Gizmodo that she doesn't plan on selling it any time soon and that she will "probably end up creating a display for it in her home." Still, just the idea of typing on it will probably make any foodie drool.

You can watch Tiny explain the sentimental process of putting the keyboard together here:

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