Artist Creates Adorable Characters with Chalk on the Street

Trevor English

David Zinn is a street artist who primarily works with chalk. His temporary street art is all original, and washes off with the slightest of rain, like most chalk drawings. As his artistic premise, he likes sneaking art into our everyday surroundings, through creating imaginary 3D looking creatures in obvious or unexpected places.

Bringing up the groceries #streetart #sidewalkchalk #lakeorionartcenter #dragononthelake #walkup #shoplocal

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While all of his art is original, every single piece is also completely improvised on location, as in, David has no idea what he is going to draw beforehand. He carries some common creatures throughout many of his works, including a green alien slug called "sluggo." One of the most intriguing aspects is how he is able to bring adorable yet beautiful works into broken infrastructure.

Creeping past #chalkart #3Dart @detroitzoo

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You can follow David Zinn on Instagram by clicking on any of the embed photos above, or you can check out more of his work here.

adorable art[Image Source: David Zinn]

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