Artist Creates Intricate Drawings and Portraits Using His Oldschool Typewriter

James Cook found a novel use for his typewriter to illustrate the English countryside, and portraits of people.
Fabienne Lang
Some of James Cook's artJames Cook/Instagram

If you happen to have an old typewriter lying around you may be able to become an alternative artist. If you take a page out of James Cook's book, a self-proclaimed typewriter artist, and architectural drawer, you may learn to do just that.

That's not to say that just anyone can do what Cook does.

His drawings and portraits created on his typewriter are intricate, beautiful, and require a lot of time and imagination. There's a video at the end of the article to show just how he works his magic.


What is typewriter art?

Upon close inspection, the drawings that Cook creates from his 71 inch Adler Tippa, and 56 inch Oliver Courier typewriters look as though they've been etched on paper with fine pencils.

Cook's latest project has been to depict the wintry Essex countryside, a county in the Southeast of England, through his drawings.

Incredibly, most of his creations are done through memory, as Cook mentioned it was too cold to stay outdoors for very long over the chilly December month.

Sitting outside over periods of three hours, Cook would begin his masterpieces, then he'd return to the coziness and the warmth of the indoors. From there Cook finished his drawings thanks to his earlier outdoor observations. 

His drawings range from John Webb's Mill in Thaxted, to the Houses of Parliament in central London. Cook's also created some fascinating portraits with his typewriters, from the very recognizable Jeff Goldblum, to Tom Baker

Cook has clearly and sharply demonstrated his skills, which can be seen through his online website and Instagram accounts, as well as his YouTube page. The latter shows a series of images of how his drawings come to life. It appears that a lot of time, patience, and talent are required. 

Watch Cook's latest uploaded video below to see for yourselves: 

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