Aston Martin Will Reveal Its New Full Display Mirror at CES Next Week

Aston Martin and Gentex collaborated to integrate full display mirror system to Aston Martin vehicles.
Nursah Ergü

It's been highly popular for car manufacturers to add cameras into their cars to provide drivers an easier driving experience by showing what's happening around them. Brands such as Nissan and Cadillac have been offering rear-view mirrors with cameras since 2015.


Now, Aston Martin is joining those brands; the car brand will demonstrate its new hybrid rear-view mirror cameras next week at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which will take place in Las Vegas. 

The new feature of Aston Martin is called Full Display Mirror (FDM), and it was developed with the collaboration of Gentex Corporation, which is an auto parts manufacturer. 

The unit will have three different cameras showing three video feeds at the same time. Two cameras are attached to side-view mirrors and one is attached to the roof. 

The tri-camera mirror system is different from other camera mirror systems on the market. It doesn't offer one big screen rearview window, instead, it has two smaller screens on the right and the left of the center screen. If the driver doesn't want to use the feature, they can turn it off and switch to the traditional view.

Gentex Chief Technology Officer Neil Boehm said, "The solution that Aston Martin chose is a hybrid CMS (camera monitoring system) technology, meaning that the vehicle incorporates both cameras and standard reflective mirrors for side vision. We believe a hybrid solution is the most practical and comprehensive because it’s engineered to meet automaker, driver, safety and global regulatory requirements."

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Aston Martin Chief Marketing Officer Simon Sproule said, "As a global luxury brand, our vehicles combine benchmark beauty and quality with performance and driver-assistance features that evoke a sensory response. The goal of this development program with Gentex is to ultimately implement a unique CMS solution that enriches the Aston Martin driving experience for our customers around the world."

Aston Martin hasn't revealed yet which models will get the camera system, but probably it'll be the future models of the brand. We hope to see the models that'll have the latest feature when they unveil the FDM next week at CES. 

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