At Shapeways you design it, they 3D print it, you sell it

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Shapeways is a 3D printing service and marketplace where you can upload your own designs and print them in whatever quantity you need. Once you’ve completed your design and had it produced head on over to the Shapeways marketplace where you can list your creations for sale.

625x465_830622_5856445_1429673540[Image Source: Shapeways, by joe1029, Alien Spine IPhone case for IPhone 4 and 4s]

625x465_3320664_10764530_1433536630[Image Source: Shapeways, by absorber, Skorpion (digital preview)]

Once you upload your design you will receive instant pricing and feedback.

There are 45+ high quality materials used for production. The materials are strong and flexible stainless steel, frosted detail, full color, metallic plastic, sterling silver, bronze, precious plated metal, brass, gold, and platinum.

625x465_1520028_1840512_1429710394[Image Source: Shapeways, by lkong, Cherry MX Skull Keycap]625x465_2524023_4822853_1429726527[Image Source: Shapeways, by galeno20galeno, Dresser speaker for iPhone 5s]

Shapeways provides design feedback, does automated and manual checks, has fixing tools and 24/7 global support. Best of all is they don’t have a minimum order size so it’s perfect for the hobbyist or professional.

625x465_1235485_1862077_1429680398[Image Source: Shapeways, by VinciDesign, I-Beam Horizontal Necklace]

625x465_1491841_1800250_1430299437[Image Source: Shapeways, by moleculestore, Dopamine Molecule Necklace Keychain]

For sale categories include gadgets, accessories, jewelry, art, for your home, games, miniatures and they even have mechanical parts for sale.

Shapeways has two production facilities. One is located in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, and one is in Long Island City in NY. In order to provide their clients with low cost, timely and best-in-class manufacturing they also work with different manufacturing partners around the world.

625x465_3021686_8246205_1429741604[Image Source: Shapeways, by Kai_Bracher, dragon door handle]

In addition to their paid services, Shapeways is host to a whole community. Visit their forum where you can join topic discussions, read their latest blog posting or even hire a designer.


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